Mysteries eating within me
Breaking bonds, setting me free
I travel to broaden my ignorant mind
The corrupted teach me to be ‘kind’

Town to town, country to country
I contemplate on their ancient histories
Artefacts kept by the rich for the rich
It has my broad mind in a twitch

My feet set me upon a land of war
People so poor, Oh God my heart tore
Feeling bountiful in knowledge and pocket
Forcing myself to destroy my return ticket

I sleep on this tough and dusty desert
My head crushing with this hurt
I walked slowly up to a child, so pure
Fear in her eyes, thinking more torture

The West poisoned their moral idealism
With the nefarious nature of capitalism
The child, she ran but with a warning
The West’s back on their spree of stealing

Within a flashed moment, I felt so profane
Their precious land destroyed by my cranes
My dignity freezing me in this damaged place
Empty pockets not funding my feeble escape

I live with the people, within this war
Till one day, I couldn’t believe what I saw
The dropping missile of silence, exploding
My body in a box, is the way I’m returning