Philosophy is present in our daily lives
Books to be read on our book shelves
Texts to bring a change to this world
Texts full of words our lives of actions

The world runs by what the media says
From the cunning Fox’s to fading Star’s
Their agenda of creating mass hysteria
Us – People prefer to listen to these liars

Earthquakes shatters our homes and people
Illusionists shout ‘Here begins the road to 2012’
Why feed us with negativity for the future?
Concentrate on today, God’s given Present

In the land where they filmed the slums
Children with malnutrition are weaving
Yet, with big smiles we enter Selfridges
Thousands we pay and they pay pennies

Our pathetic politics has zero philosophy
Their drama still brings us hope of change
Claiming democracy, forced to pay taxes
Education a sham, there is still suffering

People perceive what I say as negativity
Negativity bringing positivity for changes
Selfishness does not define people like me
We are striving for a blessed human unity

Rahul N Singh