For the Legend

There are some that live to make you smile,

There are some who smile to give you life.

There are some that are living selflessly,

There are some that are giving selflessly.


We torment those who are different to us,

We do not do it because of who they are.

We do it because we cannot be like them,

We cannot feel the freedom they possess.


With their talents they prove their worth,

With their greetings they prove their humility.

With their lives, people create controversies,

With their sincerity we forget our humanity.


When did we begin to take gossip as the truth?

When did we start ignoring the facts infront of our eyes?

When did we think of doubting the blessed angels?

When did we find solace in someone else’s pain?


Before it is too late, it’s time to embrace the legends,

Why should our future generations deal with our made-up myths?

Let us realise that the truth is distorted by whispering to each other,

Let us for the Legend, take a bow and seek happiness once again.


Thank you and lots of Love to you MJ

Rahul N Singh

Poem – Fight what gets you down.

Fight what gets you down.

You have to fight what gets you down,

Whatever it is, the past chances are blown.

The future may look bleak cos’ she hurt you,

Problems increase and stick to you like glue.


When I was left to be alone, it felt bad

You were laughing when I was left to be sad.

Within these sad moments, I felt the darkness,

Now the light has exceeded its own brightness.


At times I would drown in my own tears,

I admit this depression became a big fear.

The world can treat me like a man of ego,

My reply is to tell the waste to leave, so GO!


If you saw the heart that I burnt back then,

It was a romantic heart with no substance.

I don’t regret falling in the thing called love,

Today, my heart has a soul and I have risen above.


The only friend I had was a pen and paper,

I told everything else that ‘I will see you later’.

I fought with my subconscious for over a year,

Now I find it hard to think of you and shed a tear.


I accept the fact that I was close to going insane,

What I used to cry over, Oh God, she was lame.

Problems will have to come and go with time,

The fact is neither happiness nor sadness is a crime.


The pills had messed up my senses completely,

Today, I feel calm as happiness is voluntary.

Now, I am smiling cos’ I feel my life is beautiful,

The heat now feels hot and the cold feels cool.


The stars are being used to separate the stanzas as WordPress is not following my instructions! if you liked this poem, please do visit if you want to buy my published poetry book.

Lots of love,

Rahul N. Singh

The Making of Questions of my Soul

Hey everyone,

I thought I should share with you how the poems were constructed, what was behind the whole idea and how important the project is to me.

The poems are a mix, there is something for everyone. For those who hate love, there is something for you. If you love love, then there is something for you. If you care about society, there are poems for you. If you have problems with people who gossip about you, there is something for you. And most of all, there are poems that inspire us to do better in life, to become better human beings.

The idea behind using to publish the book, was a very simple choice. It is cheap, I get to share the work with my friends and my fans. Also, I did not want something that brought it out to the masses straight away, I needed to become a ‘published’ author. I got the opportunity with and they have been amazing. I have been in contact with them via Facebook, excellent service. Although, I am not able to put it on the shelves, I decided to make it completely for the internet and hopefully a well-known publisher will pick me up from there.

The importance of ‘Questions of my Soul’ for me was the simple problems I was facing in life. At one moment, I was going through a phase of hating how society is treating the world today and then I would be exhausted by my own problems. Therefore, I decided that let me put these into poems and inspire people to see the better in life. Like the journey of life is full of ups and down, the book is the same. At one time, you are at a low then you are at a high. The purpose behind that is that no matter what in life, you will have to face the low phases aswell as the high and more happier phases.

If you want to buy the book here is the site:

Out of the 65 poems, 55 were selected for the book, which ensures that I wanted the best in there. However, the ones that did not make it, will be posted here on the website.

The next project is one on spirituality. Therefore, it will be more in-depth and if the sales are encouraging with, I will publish with them. The poems on Spirituality, will be more for the classes and will definitely going into new areas of what spirituality may be for today’s generation.

So keep your eyes peeled here and may all of our souls find what is best in life.


Questions of my Soul

Hey everyone,

The book is finally published and you can purchase it on:

I apologise for the lack of writing on here, but this is my gift to you all. Please help me and purchase the book. Send it to your friends, spread it everywhere please. I need your help.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me in this cause, God bless you all.

Rahul N. Singh