There are some that live to make you smile,

There are some who smile to give you life.

There are some that are living selflessly,

There are some that are giving selflessly.


We torment those who are different to us,

We do not do it because of who they are.

We do it because we cannot be like them,

We cannot feel the freedom they possess.


With their talents they prove their worth,

With their greetings they prove their humility.

With their lives, people create controversies,

With their sincerity we forget our humanity.


When did we begin to take gossip as the truth?

When did we start ignoring the facts infront of our eyes?

When did we think of doubting the blessed angels?

When did we find solace in someone else’s pain?


Before it is too late, it’s time to embrace the legends,

Why should our future generations deal with our made-up myths?

Let us realise that the truth is distorted by whispering to each other,

Let us for the Legend, take a bow and seek happiness once again.


Thank you and lots of Love to you MJ

Rahul N Singh