Hi Everyone

This is a reboot of some sort. I have been longing to write on issues. As usual, I am occupied with screenwriting but I believe that I can spare a good fifteen minutes to write on here. I am sure a lot of you are following me on Twitter and also are following my Facebook Fan Page.

As I announced today that I will be blogging again. I was asked to write about one-sided love. Now I am going to explore this and be as interesting as possible. But beware my views are eccentric. You won’t like my advise if you are not a free-thinker.

One-sided love, first of all does it even exist? If you have a crush on somebody, is it truly love? If it is love, why would you feel pain? Being in love is a good feeling. A positive feeling. A feeling that has no explanation for its existence. So if one-sided love does exist then surely you must feel good about it.

Now there is rejection. How do we take rejection? People feel suicidal, I advise them to go and commit suicide. They are already dead so there is no loss. Rejection should be taken with a pinch of salt. Every day is a new day. You was rejected yesterday, so try again today. Keep on failing. I always believe that the more you fail and learn to get back up, the stronger you become. Therefore, rejection is a positive outcome too. I always see that if I get rejected by a woman, there is nothing wrong with me. There must be something wrong with her. Is this view a little egoistic? A little bit but if my love is pure then the woman is stupid. If you are a woman and a man rejects your love then that man is stupid, he is cracked in the head. Rejection is a very good word. Hence, I like it. In the word ‘rejection’ the word ‘EJECT’ is present. So if somebody rejects your love, then simply eject the idea that you depend on that person’s love or eject that person out of your life.

I know somebody who is infatuated by a woman. He has loved her for over ten years, a decade. He has not even told that woman that he loves her. I think he is a madman. He must be crazy but he is very happy. I believe he loves the concept of that special woman that he finds perfect. I admire that but it is unpractical. When he finds a woman, he will not be very satisfied.

The biggest mistake is our attachment to entertainment. Movies, songs, art, poetry and books have created this false idea of sacrifice. You cannot sacrifice love. Love is beyond human sacrifice. One has to move on. Movies tell us that if we fight hard and that we believe then some miracle would happen and our love will magically fall in love with us. Remember, stories are made up. They are someone else’s imagination. They are someone else’s world. So get away from that. I will even tell you that sex is important in relationships. As much as love is very spiritual but that spiritual energy has to release and it is done by physical activity of love-making. Sex is not a physical exercise, it is moments of love. It is a prayer, a meditation. Society will not agree because sex is bad. If sex is bad then why are you living? You are the product of sex. Best advise is make sure you are protected.

Now, if you have been rejected or lack the confidence to approach the person you love. Or the person you love is being stupid and inconsiderate then meditate whenever you remember that person. Meditation is simply emptiness. Concentrate on nothing. Become nothing. This will help you. If that person comes into your mind then simply meditate or pray to your god.

Even with myself, I have failed in proving to the person that I love that my love is the best. No one wants to believe in the best unless you are free from the mind. Everyone will think they are the best but its mediocrity that is the highest regard for them. The person I love, I am sure she doesn’t even respect my love. But I respect my love. I love my love. If there is anything that I am possibly egoistic about, then that is my love. It is pure. It is purely spiritual. The love that exists within oneself has no limits, it is limitless. Fact is that I am a hopeful romantic not a hopeless romantic.

Love is meant to make you feel alive and if it is killing you then it is not love. That is a very simple notion. Love will revitalize the soul. It re-energizes the soul. Love will make you feel on top of the world. I have read that one must not fall in love but one should rise in love. You have been told to fall in love, this is wrong. You must rise. You must feel great. Love the fact that you are in love. Appreciate the emotion. Not many are able to feel love or be in love. In fact, most people who say they are in love know nothing of its meaning. Love is beyond the mind’s comprehension. It needs the heart not the mind. Love is not saying ‘I love you’. Anyone can say that. In love there is no ‘I’. Therefore, one-sided love has no existence. If you are in love then there is no ‘I’ or ‘Me’ or ‘mine’. It is a constant energy, it just plainly exists. So it is not ‘I love you’ it is beyond those words. No one can come close to the explanation of love.

These are the thoughts that I shall share. Thank you for reading and please do comment.

Lots of love,

Rahul N Singh