Post 3 – The True Value of an Ex-Girlfriend

Pain and sorrow darkened my days,

moments became bleak and shallow.

Deep regret poured into my vessel

of the love I once was intoxicated by.


I spent time alone on one thought,

that I thought about my last thought.

Realising the multiple domain of the mind

Where I confidently spoke to my own conscious.


Nature was changing and time was changing,

Your words became a scripture of the devil.

The devil that imprisoned me within myself

Had finally burnt my clouds of heaven.


Until one day I saw the angel again!

This time with another man

that made her smile and laugh.

My clouds of heaven rained on my hell.


My biggest victory was teaching her love,

showing her the depth of unconditional love.

Although she left me

with a subconscious bruised with hate for her.


I celebrate my ex finding love with another,

I know I had initiated that love within her.

Although I am the creator of her love,

I lost myself to the infinite realm of love.


Never be sad at knowing your ex-partner has moved on, you must realise that they are carrying the burden of your love always on their shoulders. The beauty of this only exists if your love is true and eternal.

Lots of love

Rahul N Singh

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