Post 4 – Physical aspect of relationships

I admit it, I am scared to write sex as the title. This is possibly the first time I will ever talk about it openly in a blog message. So if you are below the age of 16, then read at your own risk. Also, if you are a goody two shoes and cannot see the word ‘sex’ then please do not read on.

I was asked in a comment about the physical side of relationships. Is it necessary? Of course, whoever tells you that love does not involve sex is wrong. They are misguiding you. They are going against the law of love. Love is a very spiritual feeling, a very special energy. However, how can you express that? It has to be done physically. The act of lovemaking is special. I am going to set two things straight, I do not believe in lust being the driving force in relationships. Lust is definitely a type of love. I agree. It is a form. However, if sex is what is making your relationship survive, then you better hope your face and body remains beautiful. It is a fact that looks fade away even with Botox. You have been warned!

First of all, let us establish sex. Now, if you are in a relationship, I believe sex should be discussed. Don’t be shy about it. It is a necessity. You are not in pre-school. You are grown ups. Discuss it. Or even better have sex. What are you waiting for? Just make sure you have protection. It is important to use contraception. But otherwise, hugging your partner, showing affection, showing that you care, kissing them is all necessary. It is all needed. Otherwise be ready for some hardcore accusations of infidelity!

The best advise I can give is give the kama sutra a try. It is possibly the most controversial book in my opinion. However, it celebrates sex. It celebrates that the way to show love physically is to have sex. Sex is also very spiritual. It sends vibrations. It is very powerful because of the love that is sent through your bodies. When the bodies connect and they are one, this is another type of meditation. Remember meditation is not sitting down in silence. Meditation is purely an energy that is present always.

I am sure right now, you are thinking these views are eccentric. Again, think with an open mind and you will understand what I am saying.

In terms of love being physical, it needs to be very physical and then it becomes spiritual. The physical is needed. You must embrace it. The physical must connect in a relationship for there to be a deeper meaning. Romance is exceedingly good when you accept the physical side. There will be an infinite amount of romance within you. Love is very spiritual. it is very special but for it to be felt, you need to let go of all inhibitions. That is why sex is celebrated because if done right then you are set free. It opens you up.

To be romantic, it is a black hole seriously. Once you are inhaled into the black hole then you will feel love. You will feel its emptiness. When love is empty it’s so much better. No matter how much love you put in, it shall never be filled. However, it will make you feel complete. This is the paradox with love. Love should open you up to infinite possibilities. So never limit it to physical, mental or spiritual. It is beyond it all.

Comment and I shall answer if you have any views. Or if you like it, tell me. Also, if there are any more topics you want me to write about, please do tell me.

Good night.

Lots of love and God bless.

Rahul N Singh

The photo above is credited to Sabrina Campagna, the photographer has no relation to the post above.


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