Post 5 – Realisation

In the moments of ultimate realisation
Actions living despite de-tractions
Close ones go through separations
Cutting your community into sections

No one is there giving support
No one acting on what they taught
For the riches they’ve begun to sought
Is yours in a glimpse of a thought

The ego of many hurts you deeply
But if it hurts then humility isn’t free
For something to hurt then ego exists
Get rid of pain and give ego a goodbye kiss.

Everything around you becomes empty
Heavens’ darkness surrounds your entirety
For God realisation is not with the light
If you don’t believe it then your life isn’t bright.

God had created light and no one fears it
Everyone fears darkness when no candle is lit
It is in the darkness that the Almighty prevails
The Formless has lifted the light-filled veil.

Lots of love and God bless.

Rahul N Singh

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