Post 6 – A Silent Prayer

Silence is the new mode of communication. It says so much but by saying nothing. People are scared of silence as it resonates peace. Peace is perceived as tranquil. If you are angry, stay silent. Enjoy your anger, eventually you will dislike it as your silence will make you think twice. It will ask you if it is worth getting angry. This is the great thing about silence, it will even challenge you. Your own silence will challenge you. This is what prayer or meditation does. It challenges you. Hence your body sometimes wants to get up or your mind will divert your attention. Nothing wants you to change. Your heart wants you to change because it has a goal. Your soul wants you to return home. So the heart will take you home. So the only way to know your soul is to do a silent prayer. Silence lives with love and love is in silence.

Lots of love and God bless

Rahul N Singh


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