Post 7 – ACT

The moment that memories enter our mind, that is the time we should be quiet. We should think hard about those memories. Why have they come into play? Why have they even been recorded?

We never challenge our memories because we don’t know why they exist. They exist because of our sub-conscious. How do we get to our sub-conscious? Firstly, know your conscious. Become one with your conscious. Realise everything that it realises. You need to be free. Free from troubles. Free from desires. It doesn’t mean you let go off everything.

Live life to the fullest. Never limit your passions. This is the problem. Religion tells you or you interpret it in such a way that your drop everything you have. Don’t! Keep everything but be detached. Do not be dependent. This is also why relationships aren’t as they used to be. People become so attached to their partners that they forget their own ambitions and passions. If you enjoy something, go and achieve it. Life is too short to be dwelling. ACT!

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