Post 9 – Diwalight!

Everyone is celebrating Diwali today. So my diwali wishes go to everyone.

Today is a special day. I hardly sleep on diwali. I spend it on prayers. It is the festival of light but I want to plunge into darkness.

The moment we realise that it is ourselves that need to be the candle then diwali has a meaning. Lord Ram had brought light when he returned from exile. This was no ordinary light. It was the light of God that he brought alongside him. He had become a realised master. This is the true story behind Lord Ram.

The reason why Lord Ram realised God was simple. A very simple reason. He loved himself. He knew that if he loved himself, he could share it with the world. That is why Diwali is celebrated as the festival of light. The light is the love he gave to the world and to himself. This is the true reason behind what I call ‘Diwalight’.

People today hate themselves, their arrogance and ego is a cover-up. It is their shelter. This is what has happened. To love yourself is difficult. You have to be prepared to know you are nothing but pure emptiness, you are nothing at all. It is hard to accept. You need to get rid of the masks you have made for others. When you look in the mirror, you need to strip all those masks and know the true face that you have. We are told to be a certain way, the only certain way that God wants is for you to be yourself. God doesn’t need you to fast, or to even prayer.

In diwali, I hope we can use our hearts, to use our hearts we will fall into deep darkness but I want to swim in it. I want to see the endless universe. God bless the world.

Happy Diwali all!

Lots of love!
Rahul N Singh

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