Post 11 – Negativity destroys love

The moment we criticise others is the very moment we have lost ourselves. When I mean lost, I mean it in the term of you have lost all meaning to your existence.

The thought that someone cannot love you anymore consumes you, it keeps you on edge. Will he or she ever fall out of love with me? You keep wondering this everytime you are with your partner. The fact is you have criticised what could be true and honest love. You could have troubled that love your partner had. You have a motor mouth and you have to tell your partner everything negative. If there is something positive you remain silent like an idiot. A fool. A stupid donkey. This is why you are never happy. You are negative and criticise anything positive in your life.

Love is what is ultimate. It sends us on journeys that we will never understand. One time you can be an angel or you can be a devil. You cannot be both. Choose one. If you choose to be an angel then praise your partner, be more positive and be more loving. If you choose to be devil then burn your partner with your much-heated criticism and negativity.

Appreciation is not hard to give. Even a small little thing. Your partner holds your hand that is a beautiful gesture. He or she wants you both to feel warm. To feel warm is to feel love. It makes everything brighter. Love is that quality. Explore it and become love. That is the biggest act.

Lots of love and God bless

Rahul N Singh

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