Post 12 – Realise the universe.

Jealousy can consume the best people in the world. Seeing someone more successful can bring a lot of pain to you but why? And what is it hurting? Your social status? Your ego? Your pride? One needs to stop the jealousy because everything is material, it is an illusion.

The moment we realise that all pursuits are an exaggeration of our own illusions. We want to achieve something but we must do it in such a way where it is pure. Like the achievement of knowing God. Realising God. If you don’t believe in God then the Energy that is present. The Universe. You need to realise it. Feel its vastness and no matter what success you achieve, it will be nothing in comparison to the Universe or God.

Achieve your ambitions and your goals. Let go of the ego. Look at what you can achieve by knowing the Universe, take it all in.

Lots of love and God bless.

Rahul N Singh

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