Post 13 – You’re unlucky if you can’t forgive!

There is a strong difference between someone who doesn’t go to a place of worship and one that does. It is fairly simple. Most of the people who go to worship in a building or a site, tend to be the show-offs. I know a fair few people, who attend or visit their temples and have this ‘good’ persona. I find this funny. They act holy and innocent in the four walls and I am going to tell you that this is what I want to break. I have stayed away from temples for a reason – I had become a hypocrite.

I had made a fake persona  – I thought I was a saint. I thought I had good thoughts and I spoke good. But my actions were like blood-stained swords. Stabbing people with my harsh actions. Now I can put my hands up and say that being away from the temple helped me get rid of the hypocrisy within me. I know so many that listen to talks about forgiveness, yet cannot forgive. If you cannot forgive, you are obviously not following the teachings in the temple. If you have a Guru or a spiritual text that says forgiveness is necessary in whatever condition – then FORGIVE. If you are not forgiving then there are two issues here. Either you think you are above the Guru or the spiritual text or you are just a plain act. You simply have no conscious.

If you pray to God or to the Universe, you ultimately forgive because other humans mean nothing to you. There is no attachment and that is the beauty of being one with your self. Forgiveness is a special attribute. I have forgiven the people that have hurt me the most. I still wish well for them and if they talk to me, I cannot ignore them. The day I do that, I am back to square one. I will not be the same person that is writing this right now. Forgiveness is all about love. If you cannot forgive, you know nothing about love. That is simple.

For the people that are deluded; who only know how to hate, I have nothing but compassion for you. I feel sorry for you. Love is such an amazing feeling and you waste time on hating people. Hatred stems from our social conditioning. Be free from those conditions, when you become unconditional then love will be all-pervading. So next time, you enter your temple – think twice. When you take that first step – think twice. Think about whether you have the ability to forgive. If you don’t then either learn to achieve that ability or continue to be blind. I can assure you that without forgiveness, you are not a true believer or follower of your faith.

Lots of love and God bless

Rahul N Singh

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