Blind Trust

The special moment is a wreck,

I want a rope around my neck.

Is this the world I live in today,

Everyone has lost their way.


Love isn’t like it used to be,

People might as well marry trees.

Being decent is a honest crime,

The bad don’t do their deserved time.


Talking topics consist of X factor results,

Reality TV is the new religious cult.

Talent is hardly appreciated,

But autotune is nationally debated.


True love is blinded by lust,

Bad guys given blind trust.

On Facebook you have over 500 friends,

Thinkin’ celebrity; you’ve met your end.


Your new style is so old fashion,

Your insults become their mind’s invasion.

Have no time for the mindless,

Me and you alone and there is no stress.


Lots of love and God bless

Rahul N Singh

Published by Rahul N. Singh

From the depths of a soul, creativity is born and is able to blossom into a tree scattered with sweet fruit. Creativity creates change.

2 thoughts on “Blind Trust

  1. nice words well they are all true…. I always have that what makes the world go on is hypocrisy…. is just like a game the only who cares is first yourself second yourself and lastone yourself….. world is up side down things are not more real there are just people acting real is not more an option…. is sad to look how everything is consuming bye lies…..

    1. the honest are a few and far between each other. I guess some things have to be rare. Just like God is hard to ‘find’ then true and honest people are hard to find. That is simply because to be good, to be true and honest is hard to be. It can be done, it needs a little bit of strength. Everything is done within hypocrisy but remember those people are consumed by jealousy.

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