Lego Layers

One moment,

Nice and then nasty.

Breaking me apart,

But don’t let me start.

I know you hate me,

Hatred can never set you free.

Freedom constriction,


Depreciating apologies,

I’m laughing at your absurdity.

I’m spreading positivity,

You’re promoting negativity.

What you say is opposite,

to what your mouth bites.

You’re an architect of lego,

Building layers on your ego.

It’s time for us to grow,

Don’t give me another freak show.

You can doubt me all you like,

One day my stardom will strike.

When you meet me as a star,

You’d be a distant memory so far.

Forgive my sins right now,

Or your enmity will grow.

If my true words pierce pain,

My love will put pain down the drain.

Embrace the love I gave,

Take the step that is brave.

Practice what you preach,

Goodness is not hard to reach.

Hope you like this poem guys. A little experiment aswell as the state of my mind right now. It is here, there and everywhere but it can be understood.

Lots of love and God bless,

Rahul N Singh

Published by Rahul N. Singh

From the depths of a soul, creativity is born and is able to blossom into a tree scattered with sweet fruit. Creativity creates change.

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