Going back to the time when I was a little baby,

The past always looks colourful and not shady.

Everything I visualise around me is amazing,

A world without limitations will have everything.


I have freedom in my blessed mother’s arm,

Her smile is the only thing that makes me calm.

Strangers I have to meet and I sense their aura,

I see angels whom I love or demons that I fear.


When I cry it’s because I need your attention,

All I need is to hear a short story of fiction.

I’m never told to grow up while watching cartoons,

Everyone wants me to grow up but it’s too soon.


Suddenly my free mind is being freakily conditioned,

Taught subliminally that my life has no mission.

One day I became one with life’s true philosophy,

Ditching my mind to be one with my soul, and this has set me free.


(This is a poem that is featured in ‘Questions of my Soul‘)

Rahul N Singh