Post 35 – You can be the living dead!

The moment you believe that life is about yourself. When you start realising that everything around you is a hindrance is when you have the awakening to live. The moment you think that others make an impact on your life that means either they are positive or negative. Only a few are alive, many are dead. Those who do not fear death are alive. The ones who fear death have already died. Their fear has consumed them and now they cannot live. They cannot feel the energy to be alive. Living to them is a curse. They find that problems are an obstacle. If you become aware of the problems, if you analyse them you will realise how they are not worthy to bring you down. It takes time and practice. But it surely can be done. It is a matter of sitting and looking at the problem directly.

Soon,  I will talk about love.

Lots of love and stay blessed,

Rahul N Singh



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