There are times when you have to wonder what the hell people are saying to you. Why do people have to indirectly say things to you. I reply to them straight away and a little bit of honesty is never bad. If people have a problem with your growth, with your honesty, with your awareness then it tends to be a lack of their understanding. They will never understand the silence you have within you. They will never understand the words you have. One of my issues has always been with the elder generation. They are so quick to say ‘you are too young’, ‘you are not experienced enough’, ‘you cannot be wise.’. Let’s look a little deeper into these sayings.

‘You are too young’ first of all, when did wisdom ever come with age? If that was the case then half of the philosophers are a waste of time, psychologists are a waste of time, musicians like Mozart are a waste of time. Mozart was a genius from the age of 5, now you can’t say he didn’t have the wisdom because he was 5 years old. His wisdom was so much at the age of 5. He was in the moment, he was living in the present, completely in tune with awareness and that is how his music was created. What beauty! But you can’t turn around and say how can a 5 year old create such music when you see a 70 year old still struggling to make one tune sound beautiful to the ears. The same is with knowledge, those that have doubts and question those doubts, learn much more quickly, they are on a faster pace. Everyone has doubts but religion is a drug, it simply makes sure those doubts never reach your consciousness. For there is fear. How can you question God? You will enter the fires of hell! Therefore, this fear that religion has given you, it has made sure your doubts never arise. Everyone has doubts, the difference is, the one with knowledge tends to be the one that questions his doubts.

Then you have ‘you are not experienced enough’. Experience means nothing to be honest. Many people are living but inside they are waiting for death to come, yet if death did come they would fear it immensely. Experience is something of the past. It has nothing to do with the present. The present is more important and whatever is done in the present, is the only worthy experience. The past is good to learn from but that is all it does, A past experience becomes something you learn from. That is at the maximum. But whoever is living in the present, then experience is merely just a word for society. In fact, society use this excuse of ‘experience’ to play down true merits. Why should anyone be able to live in the moment? This is dangerous. We are constantly reminded about the psychological effects of the past. It has nothing to do with us. By being so involved of the past, we lose our grip on the problems in the present. Therefore, the only experience should only be – today.

“You cannot be wise’. Again, this links the both but wise? What is wise? A wise person is only someone that lives in the present, who is happy in what is happening and is allowing that ‘happening’ to occur. One must accept that being wise can come at any age, even some of the religious heads have been as young as 10. Most of all, how can an unwise person say you cannot be wise? An unwise person can never appreciate someone to be wise because that wise person has made themselves an individual. That is not good at all. So the unwise will never see the true picture. They are already in doubt of everything, they place hope on top of that doubt and then put the concept of an afterlife to please them. They will never accept someone to be more wiser, more miser they can accept but never wiser.

Love to you and stay blessed

Rahul N Singh

Published by Rahul N. Singh

From the depths of a soul, creativity is born and is able to blossom into a tree scattered with sweet fruit. Creativity creates change.

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