Post 50 – Indescribable (Spiritual/Love Poem)

Spread those wings and stare into the horizon, looking as deep as you can.

Start wondering the mystery behind each beauty that is not blessed with a definition.

Why can’t we look at ourselves and see the same beauty that contains hidden depths?

What happened to the spirit that carries our intuition created by our intellect?


I walk down the dusty road and watch the most beautiful girls bathe in the Sun,

How can I describe two beauties at once? How can I compare? It’s indescribable.

If this is the beauty I see with my eyes then think about the vast existence,

How can I even comprehend a single word that does even a little justice to it?


I cannot be as expansive as existence but I surely can become a part of it,

People will fight to be above it but they cannot see their freedom within it.

To prove their ignorance they will trouble the one’s with the Truth.

Losing all and gaining none while all drown into this existence.


Each breath soothes me into emptiness beyond my human senses,

It brings to life the senses of consciousness that has always existed.

Forgiveness is the key to open all the possibilities that used to be impossibilities.

Enjoy the journey that was never created and can never be destroyed.


Rahul N Singh


Published by Rahul N. Singh

From the depths of a soul, creativity is born and is able to blossom into a tree scattered with sweet fruit. Creativity creates change.

One thought on “Post 50 – Indescribable (Spiritual/Love Poem)

  1. I was searching for a villanelle I wrote – so I could post it and possibly Elaine would see it, but I found this instead.

    We’ll just say it’s about Nobody.


    I love to look at you.
    I see that indescribable
    blue, like wetted down
    ocean, the mysterious
    Stroke of Nature’s paintbrush mixed
    For your eyes only.

    I love to embrace you.
    You hold me and I feel
    You tremble slightly
    because I can tell you don’t
    Want to hold me too tight for fear
    You may either crush me,
    or never let me go.

    I love to make love to you.
    Our bodies fit together
    Like we were once the same physical being
    Separated by eons of evolution
    Brought back together by chance.

    I love to talk to you.
    Your words, whether agreeing or conflicting
    Are spoken so harmoniously
    Your musical modulations
    Could serenade or lull me to sleep.

    It had a last stanza but I didn’t want to share it. And I hate the “make love to you” part, but some of the words in that stanza work.

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