Post 54 – Real Valentine’s Day is for True Casanova’s!

Yeah, sometimes I just feel like telling people to get out of my life but hey, there is no need to tell or say anything. Actually, there is nobody unnecessary in my life. I am happy that I do not have to do anything and just watch the world evolve and revolve around me!

Now, for me life is not something that should be taken too seriously. I mean just look at it, you will live for like 70-80 years and then what? You are gone. Will the earth still be here? Will society still be here? Will your children still be here? Yes! Life will still go on. Think about it, when have you thought that because your grandparents have gone, that now nothing can be done in life? In simple english, have you stopped living because of your grandparents death? No? If not grandparents then great-grandparents. Your life has still gone on. Your society still remains. Nothing really has changed. Now, what makes you think your life is going to be any different? So why be serious? Enjoy and just live in the moment. There is a buddhist concept of ‘do nothing’ and I think this is beautiful. You may be doing something but you are merely a witness to it all happening. So every experience looks real and new. That is the best way to avoid boredom too!

It is not good to shout out that the world is in ruins, even though it is. You got to show your life is exemplary and that will invite people to know you. People like those that have something different about them.

Which leads me to Valentine’s Day. I find this the ‘best’ day of the year. It has never meant much to me because I never had a date. I don’t expect it to change. But why don’t I like it? I’m a Casanova not a Romeo. Now, I am not a sex fiend that preys on any lustful women. However, Casanova was really loyal to his women, even though society and history may say otherwise. But Casanova had genuine love for women. He loved them because that is where he was born from. This is normal for guys. Women are absolutely beautiful and that is because they are the creators of life. They nurture life and every time you have sex with a woman, it is slowly nurturing you.  It makes life less serious and enjoyable. Casanova said one thing, which I really do praise ‘Marriage is the tomb of love.’ Love ends with marriage and even relationships nowadays. I call today’s era the ‘Twilight-love Era’ and this is because stupid boys and girls claim they fall in love yet they know nothing of love. They simply mistake their attraction to be ‘love’ and now I feel bad whenever I say I ‘love’ a girl. It feels fake to me. I have complete passion for her, however, my love is a Casanova’s love. Not a ‘Twilight love’.

Why don’t I like Romeo? It is not that I don’t like him but I think he is the reason for the ‘Twilight Era’ because he foolishly falls in love with this girl and claims she is still the only one. I find that hard to believe and I wonder all the time, if he hadn’t died then he would have become another Casanova.

Any girl that I have asked out, had sex with or even asked for a date, I know inside I have loved them the way Casanova loved. I loved them for being women and nothing more. It is pure. I have no reasons but to praise their feminine interior and exterior. I could say it edges towards a spiritual bondage of love. So leading to this Valentine’s Day, it means nothing to me because it is purely commercial so I take it as a joke. So I reply to it with a joke. I have asked an ex out for Valentine’s Day before and I did it rather spontaneously and she hated me for it. She couldn’t understand why I did it and even I didn’t know why because it was spontaneous. Plus, I forgot she was my ex, I should hold more weight to my past than I do. Oh well…

Is there a girl I would be a Casanova for this Valentine’s Day, I feel I want to but I don’t feel a girl is ready. I want to bring the love back into this day and take out its commercial bullshit. Question is why do I remain so closed towards a girl I really want compared to a girl that I probably know will only be there for the sex? Why do I feel pulled towards the second option – it is simply because the girl I really want, well how do you know for sure she really wants you? Even I have my flaws and I am leaving them open to you to judge. I know the remedy, in fact I do stupid things to get the girl I want. I will find out what she likes and say if its like a restaurant, I will visit that restaurant and know about the places nearby it. Why do such a silly act? Well, atleast I am prepared.

I don’t know if I have made sense but just enjoy life and live it to the max with a spontaneous attitude.

Rahul N Singh

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