Post 55 – Are Writers Introverts?

Question: If writers are introvert or not? If they are introvert then how do they put in words what they feel?

Answer: A very special question here because it deals with writers. Writers are definitely not introvert because they use creativity to express themselves. They may be introvert in the persona sense but not necessarily when it comes to pen and paper or fingers and a keyboard. The word introvert needs to be understood. It means that they are very selfish but not in a bad sense. They are selfish because they are not concerned about others, they don’t care about others. They are not worried about others. They are worried about themselves only. It is only an accident that they sell it to other people, so that they can SHARE their thoughts and feelings. Not so selfish then are they? Therefore, in the beginning, a writer is completely selfish but in the end becomes completely selfless.

Thoughts being translated into words is tough for any writer. I can only speak for my self here because I don’t take my self seriously in the terms that I like to have a joke and not be so serious. But why do I act serious at times? The times I am serious is when I am joking the most because now I am fooling around not just with words but with the psych of the other. Therefore, thoughts into words just comes from expression of one self – just like a painter with a painting. It just flows out. There is no process. You could say there is a process but it takes the soul out of the whole creativity.

Sometimes, I struggle to words certain things not because they are bad to write, politically incorrect or socially incorrect but because they cannot be expressed. I want to be out in the world and I would rather have people hear me speak than read my words. You have to see my emotions, my actions and maybe that is why I should do videocasting or podcasting. Maybe that is something of the future.

However, back to the amazing question, no writer is an introvert, they are all extroverts. They have embraced the inner self, the inner beauty and have an inner tranquility. Now, they are alive with experience, with examples and with expression.

Rahul N Singh


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