Post 56 – Lead your life

The most important thing we must accept is that our life is our way of showing our individuality. There is nothing great about having an identity, if we cannot embrace who we truly are.

Many people argue that if someone is a criminal, is it acceptable for them to embrace who they are? Of course it is. Why should they hide away from it? At least they are honest to themselves about who they are and are under no delusion. No matter what you are, embrace it and eventually you will drop these silly labels that society thrusts upon you and you become your own individual.

An individual is special. An individual can never be divided and yet can lead a dual life with society. This is what a leader is. Someone beyond division but still capable of living with the collective whole. An individual can shape who they are and not worry about the consequences. The less labels you have attached to you, the less expectations and also you have a shoulder that does not have to carry much baggage.

Leading your life means that nobody has to share your flaws. Your flaws are your own that you need to accept and then change naturally. Anger or possessing a bad mood is totally unnecessary to share. When you become aware of this bad mood, it should drop. But we allow it to linger on in the background, while we tell other people how angry we are. In fact, when you are in a bad mood and you are angry, you are sharing it with someone and all you are doing is transferring that energy. That anger that is built up inside of them will be ignited by your transfer of energy. Keep your anger and moods to your self, if they are not worth sharing then don’t share them. Showing love is important but showing hatred only damages everything that surrounds you. Love is to be shared as it creates an amazing atmosphere, it is peaceful and people feel safe within it.

With your anger, you ignite other peoples’ insecurites, anger, paranoia and ignorance. Anger does not allow you to move on. Hence, forgiveness is needed for enlightenment, anger feeds on people that cannot forgive. Those that can forgive, anger will also arise but they keep it to themselves. Notice this. They keep it to themselves but they do not keep it in. They will go somewhere else, be alone and bring up all the frustrations. This may last a matter of a few seconds. That is the beauty of forgiveness. It gives everything bad, a short span of life. Everything good becomes everlasting.

Forgiveness opens the door to enlightenment. Enlightenment needs you to live in the present. If you live in the present moment, if you live in the moment of ‘NOW’ then enlightenment is yours. Forgiveness is natural. Acceptance is easy. Everything that happens to you, you accept it and move on. There is no need to be in a bad mood because there is nothing to be achieved from it. Forgiveness opens the door to leadership. A leader does not lead in the past, they lead in the present moment.

Lead but don’t be led.

Rahul N Singh

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