Post 57 – Valentine’s Mishap! (Inc. romantic poem)

It was recently Valentine’s Day as lovers and non-lovers know. One of my friends thought it would be nice for me to write a poem for him so he could give to his girlfriend. Of course, I had no problem with it until I was told the next day that his girlfriend had recognised the fact that her boyfriend cannot write something so beautiful.* In fact, she turned around and told him that whoever had written this must be a ‘hardcore romantic’! At this point, when my friend told me this – I burst out laughing and so did he. Why you must ask? Well, first of all I am a hardcore romantic but I hardly ever show it anymore. He believes that girls have taken the romance out of me and that now my journey is about finding the girl who can bring back the romance. So he is heavily interested in my Valentine’s Day date (my first ever) but I told him not to have expectations because I don’t and never will. But I must admit – it was the best date I had ever had though. But do all good things have to come to an end? Only this damn thing called time will tell! Oh and the girl! And not to forget ME!

I feel slightly bad writing this but I wish I had written a poem for my date because I still feel like I didn’t do enough to show who I am. In fact that is my biggest struggle and that is showing the other who I am. I know I can show so much but it remains 1-10% of who I am. Anyway, for the hardcore romantics like myself – who get drunk and write about love (not many know this but I do it a lot) this is for you.

By the way this is a new style for me of writing poetry. I don’t know where it has been inspired from:


Each breath holds a certain suffocation and in this suffocation there is satisfaction.

The soul is an endless well of affection yet this well has to meet an end.

The beauty of your eyes show me an infinite pool of passion.

My heart cannot cope with this moment but will die without living it.

The more I dwell on the sky. The more the sky dwells on me.

What does this stranger expect when contemplating on the sky with love?

There is no comparisons when you drown in both the sky and love – both are infinite.

The more moments I spend searching within your eyes – the more I lose my self.

Grant me this one wish my beloved and there is no other requisition .

Free this body of its suffocation by giving birth to a life of love with you.



Rahul N Singh

*By the way, they gave me permission to write this but I swore to anonymity.


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