Post 58 – Against Marriage?

Question: Rahul, you have always spoken against marriage but doesn’t that imply you are against love?

Answer: A lovely question by a friend on Twitter. I have opposed the idea of marriage for the past two years. In fact, I have even told my parents that I do not want to get married. It scares them as it should do. However, your question is implying that I have always spoken against marriage and that is not true at all. The truth is I am for marriage that are created out of love. If a couple feel that they are still in love just like the early days and they want to show their world their devotion then there is nothing wrong with that.

I am against marriages that are done against your own will. You can say that with arranged marriages your love can grow for your wife or husband and that is possible. Most marriages, especially the arranged ones are against one’s will. A marriage is an agreement but for some reason only the parents agree but not the poor children. The parents are not happy with each other but they force their children to marry. They don’t do this because they hate their child. They do this because they fail to understand the mess they are continuously creating. However, some arranged marriages have proven to be good decisions but who wants to take that one in a million chance.

I am definitely not against love. I love love. In fact, I am so much into love that every girl I date, I love her. In Arabic literature, there are 7 shades of love and one of them is attraction. You date someone that gives you an initial attraction and I am in love with that girl even if it is an attraction. An attraction is one stage and you can go deeper but both of you have to agree. What I am against is people marrying just so society has to accept their relationship. Love for you at one time was in the air and now it is on paper. You can see why I am against it. When it is on paper – it is the end. The problem is not with the paper that kills it, it is the people that kill it. They become reliant on the paper and they forget that their love is in the air and that the energy of love is still flowing around them. You don’t need anyone’s stamp of approval but if it makes you happy to marry then do it.

I am not against marriage and I am certainly not against love. I am in love with love and if my love accepts marriage then I accept it.

Rahul N Singh


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