Post 59 – Stop your exploitation!

Today’s post is slightly inspired by something I have read on the internet. So please do excuse me for the rambling.

One message to so-called spiritual teachers, gurus, swamis or whatever you idiots like to call yourselves  – Stop exploiting the poor so you can become richer and start learning how to create humanity.

This is not to all spiritual masters at all. I follow a spiritual master myself and this is not at him. In fact, I am very proud that he does things for social welfare and most of all, atleast I know he isn’t demanding money from people to build temples.

What I find the most sickening thing about spirituality today is the building of temples. What the hell is all this about? Indian self-styled gurus and swamis are demanding billions and now, trillions of rupees to build temples in the name of God or Gods.

Here are my issues:

Any Guru claiming miracle powers or saying they have tools (except for meditation and the help of traditional herbal medicines) to eradicate suffering or your problems is using your insecurities and low confidence to attract you. They cannot solve your problems and it is more than likely that after you get rid of one problem then another 10 will arrive. However, no true and honest Guru or Swami will tell you that they can get rid of all your problems. They will tell you what works for them, from their experience but they don’t guarantee anything unless it is for enlightenment.

Any Guru or Swami who is willing to spend so much money on buying land or building temples are obviously deluded and have no intention to get rid of your suffering nor your poverty. In fact, these corrupt individuals and their partners are just criminals in making the poor more poor. First of all, I do not believe in a God but if he was true – what the hell is he going to do with the money that he gives you? If you believe for a moment that God gives you all – why do you have to against your own will to give it to some self-styled Guru or Swami to help aid God? And plus these self-styled idiots are far from being enlightened and have no intention to be. Please poor people of India and everywhere else in the world – what is God going to do with your money? No Guru or Swami who is honest will ever demand money from you. Not one of them will tell you that you must give your money otherwise your problems will never disappear and you will be cursed with more. If any Guru says that then take my advise – get the hell away from them. They want to create a hell on this earth by making you poor.Therefore, I shall say that the money that you give for building temples can be used to feed the poor, give better healthcare to the sick, offer free hospital treatments and give education to the children that cannot afford it. If you Swami and Guru’s really care about the world and are sent by the Almighty God then show that you actually do and do something worthwhile with your millions of rupees.

My heart always goes out to these poor people, who see a man dressed in orange or whatever they wear to give them an image of a saint and they fall under their spell. I have no issue with spiritual people taking money for the work they do but when they use it for silly things like temples (as if India needs any more) then I do have an issue. You can’t claim to care about the poor and then steal money from them so you can build a temple for a God that probably is thinking ‘Not another place I have to be present!’ These Guru’s need to be put behind bars for exploiting the poor.

In the UK, there are many Guru’s and Swami’s who come here every year to make a whole load of CASH that their pockets will be overfilling with notes. They come here and claim they can help you get rid of your money problems, they can help you get a job, they can get rid of every sickness on this planet and help your child(ren) with intelligence so they succeed in education. Here I will give you all a solution. If you got money problems either get a job, get another job or learn how to spend less but whatever you do never give it to a Guru who demands it. Yes, do your donations to charity but don’t feel obligated to. If you are struggling to find a job that you want then just keep applying. If you are ill then go to a hospital. If your child isn’t studying then don’t force the child to. Maybe he or she is not meant for the educational degrees but for something greater. Everyone has their own life so let them live.

The fact is most of the decent Gurus and Swamis (and there are a few) will never make you feel that you need to pay them money. Neither will they ask for a fee nor will they ask you to pay so much money for a prayer or puja or ritual. There may be a facility where you can offer a donation but that is at your own will. The people who make you feel obligated to pay them are definitely not men of God.

Hinduism is plagued with such Swamis who probably have never read any of the Vedic scriptures themselves but claim to speak from them. There are no secrets in these scriptures either because it is probably their own interpretation. Believe me on this that these people are just using your lack of knowledge and playing on it. They know you haven’t read any of the scriptures hence, they can say anything and you will believe it. Don’t fall for the trap. These so-called Swamis and Gurus disgust me even more when they claim science is applauding them. I have not heard one scientist who has praised these people nor have they recognised that their prayers or mantras or pujas or whatever they do as scientifically accurate. The sad thing is that a poor person sees this and feels that if science is applauding this then there must be some truth in it. I advise you don’t buy into the propaganda.

There are spiritual healers like Dr. Deepak Chopra, who does offer a fee for the programs that he has set up but people gain from this. They gain inner peace. You will never hear Dr Chopra go out and claim he can get rid of every disease known on the planet. He offers meditation techniques, he offers ayurvedic medicine and that all done with the Government’s approval. His main purpose is to get you to attain enlightenment through modern ways and you will never hear Dr Chopra claim that he is the only one that has the secrets. If you really are going to pay $500 on some idiot ritualistic prayer done in India, I say enrol on a course like the ones Deepak Chopra holds and gain something. This guy even offers so much to charity himself.

I think it is about time that the world wakes up to these conmen, who are exploiting the poor for such stupid things. It is time that the people who have little knowledge of holy scriptures should read them. These so-called spiritual people are creating more poverty in this world. It is about time that people find out the TRUTH themselves and not rely on individuals who are only interested in their wallets or bank balances.

Rahul N Singh


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