Post 67 – One moment does not define your whole life.

Question: I don’t like being single. Girls are not giving me a chance. What do I do?

Answer: Turn bisexual and see if you have the same fate with men too? Jokes aside (you can take it seriously if you want), why do you dislike being single? Is there any problem with being alone? In my opinion, single life is the best way. There are no commitments, no rules, no boundaries and that is a life of freedom. I understand that you may feel lonely and sometimes you want someone to love you. But before you think about others loving you do you love your self? I am not going to go against girls and say they do not give you a chance. Maybe you do not deserve a chance. Maybe they don’t deserve you. Why get so caught up in this situation? You need to do nothing. Just live your life and you will find a girl come to you. If she doesn’t come then atleast you are still living life. If you are worried about sex, then have one night stands or find other alternative to release yourself but don’t go on condemning females because a few girls do not like you.

Maybe some girls do like you but you have expectations and every girl you meet will not meet your expectations. Your expectations are silly and full of crap that possibly the media has put into you. There are not just guys like you who are saying girls are not giving you a chance then there are girls saying them same thing about guys just like you. It works both ways. We have the choice in everything. You will find people desperate to be in a relationship so go after them. You will find people desperate to be single so that means you leave them alone. The fact is there is no answer to anything in life. You just have to live it. Be happy with yourself and be content with whatever life brings. You are open to change it. Everything is in your hands but first free your mind. Forget about all the barriers that others have put in your head. You are the key, the password and the passport to your life. Live it. Don’t be so torn apart by the fact that girls are not liking you at the moment. Work hard at your job, be at peace in your mind and women will come to you in their own time. There is no need for any worries. By keeping hope for a future with a girl is going to be useless. Go out and chat with girls. I know people are uptight today and that most girls will think you are after one thing but they think it, they believe it but they do not know it. You have to prove their belief wrong and get them to know you. Remember don’t be a stalker but be persistent, be polite and not an animal. If a girl rejects you then remember she isn’t rejecting you as a person. There is nothing wrong with you. Her few moments of meeting you does not define your whole experience of life. Remember that.

So my best and only advise is: Live!

Love and blessings,

Rahul N Singh

Post 66 – Any way to escape life?

Question: Life seems to be a hindrance, is there any way to escape life and its’ responsibilities?

Answer: Escaping life is for the one’s that are weak. Enlightenment, Moksha cannot be attained if you like to escape from life. You have to accept it and be passive. I feel there is a sense of too much responsibility and the fact that your growth will not be appreciated by those that are close to you. The responsibility you have is to accept everything that is given to you, you are bounded and have no choice but to allow it. If they question you then you must answer to them. They are misguided but you do not want to follow them. You need to set your self free my friend. You have been walking against the wind for far too long. You have seen that nothing has been achieved. You feel your rebellious attitude is bursting and you have no other choice but to rebel. However, your rebellion is causing a disturbance for others. Their disturbance within has not been realised from within but you are not the catalyst to create that event yet. Your time is to be when you move away, when you become independent. Cope with the storm my friend. Don’t worry about it. You need to sit still and allow everything to flow past you. Watch the waves but remember to be still as the ocean underneath the waves.

I know you are feeling limited and that no matter what you achieve for them is useless. The problem is that they have no use to what you have found or will find. They are not interested because they are unconsciously against your growth. Why would anyone want to see someone younger than them achieve so much? You must look at it. How can a mother accept her son or daughter to be enlightened? They have probably gone through so much penance and austerity and have achieved nothing but negativity. How can a fellow brother or sister see your growth as a human being? The hierarchal system within them cannot let this be. How can a father wish to even see a more poignant and tranquil spiritual growth of his child? It is not possible unless they have had a glimpse of the Divine. They have been after the Divine but they search and miss the Divine because they keep running past the Divine. That is their issue. Your issue is that you are still but yet the Divine is hiding. The Divine is hiding within your own heart. You have searched for the Divine with your mind and now you must look in your heart. Your heart is empty and let it remain untouched. An empty heart is needed for the divine to fill in with its intoxicating spirit. Meditate on emptiness because that is what you are. A free person. A free individual has no weight on their shoulders. Once you are burdened then there is no way to be free. Meditate on empty space and you will see that emptiness is actually fullness.

You need to face the responsibilities but when you can leave then leave. You are not bounded by anybody but your self and your situation. I know it is hard because you feel burdened by their favour but don’t worry about it. Let that be but when you are ready to go then go. Let it be natural. If you feel that the worldly responsibilities are too much then you need to look at whether you need to become a recluse or as they spiritually say that you take ‘sannyas’. However, my advise is that you face your responsibilities but show that you can move away any time. You do not need to threat. Stay silent. Speak when spoken to. Eventually, they will not notice that you are a burden and they will in fact ignore you. But are you ready for that is the question? Just enjoy life, enjoy its difficulties and suddenly they will run out of ways to give you difficulties. Remember, don’t judge the people. Just judge their acts. If you don’t like their acts then make sure you don’t commit the same acts. Be rebellious but have your own way of doing it. Don’t be limited even by my words.

Love and blessings,

Rahul N Singh

Post 65 – My children will only know of freedom

Question: Yesterday, you talked about why people should have children but why do you personally want children? Don’t you think the world is suffering enough with the growing number of orphans and also burdened with over-population?

Answer: The world is burdened but not me. I am not the world and that leaves me absolutely free. Now, saying that I have answered the majority of your question. The growing number of orphans are simply the fault of those that oppose contraception. Those that oppose contraception are the very people against abortion but they don’t see the common sense that they are causing the abortion. They condemn contraception and give birth to abortion. I am neither pro-abortion nor against abortion. I am not going to judge anybody for giving birth or not giving birth. Each to their own. Who am I to interfere? Everyone is responsible for their own actions. The world has a problem with the number of orphans and I hope that someday I can build an orphanage for those children.

Not only that, your first question is a massive link to the orphans. I personally want children because there is an inner calling within me to eventually become a father. Now, one must understand that when I say father that it is not restricted to just children of my own blood. I am not interested in giving out my genes or my inheritance. Remember, I do not even want to get married and if marriage happens it happens. I want to father a child who is an orphan as it is. I am looking at adopting a daughter because I have never had a sister and I think the lack of consistent females in my life, there is a longing to have a daughter. I wish I could explain why because I could explain why if it was a desire to have a child but it isn’t. I simply know it is what is needed for me. Even if I have my own children, of my own blood then of course I am open to that.

However, the issue should never be why we want children but how we want to bring our children. This is where the main problem is. I want my children to be brought up with complete freedom. They do not need to answer me or give me any reasoning for their acts. It is a simple experiment that I want to try. I don’t want to force my children into education, into religion, into society, into culture, into family or anything that could restrict their freedom. All they need to do is do as they wish. The question I am always asked that ‘What would you do if your daughter has sex at 14?’ It is a question that I get all the time as if it is meant to catch me out. My reply is always a simple “If my daughter has had sex then why should I condemn her? She has already done the act and I am going to punish her? How is she going to trust me? How is she going to see me as a friend? How can she be open as a daughter to me? She will always be in fear and what is the point? If your upbringing of the child is going to be about fear then don’t have children at all. Don’t be a Hitler, a Stalin or any other type of dictator with your children. My daughter has done the act and all I am going to comment on is the act but I will not condemn, judge or speak ill of my daughter.  Even with the act, it is about precautions and guidance. If I tell her not to do something then she will definitely do it so what is the point? I can create barriers around things to try and stop her but I will never stop her directly. If my children want to know something then I should be able to answer it straight away for them. If they have asked a question then that means they are mature enough to take in the answer.  I cannot stop my children from anything and if I do then they can stop calling me dad.”

The issue is the upbringing and I am there for the orphans too. I will do my best to be there for them and do as much as I can for them. My love is always with them and my strength and strong will is spread to them too. My reasons for having my own children is simple enough that I just want to be a father. I want to experiment and see that if I give my children absolute freedom that they can be the best human beings that the world desperately needs. I have seen the way society is today and I can say that children fighting for freedom is only resulting in conflict. There is no need for the conflict because parents can give freedom. Just think of the time you were children. Maybe my experiment will be wrong and I don’t like to say experiment but it is the closest word I can use. If anyone is going to suffer with the consequences will be mine. I don’t think my family share my sentiments with children. I want them free from religion and spirituality for as long as I can. Only if they ask about it then I should answer their questions. My family are a practicing hindu family and I am not a practicing hindu and neither do I want to call myself a hindu. I am a Nirankari and even then I don’t want my children to be brought up as a Nirankari. I want them to find their own truth and if we share the same paths then brilliant. If not then it is still brilliant. Hence, I think I will find it hard to get married because will a woman accept this in practice? Therefore, my wish is to have children first and then consider marriage. We have Freedom is the answer and I want them to enjoy freedom as much as possible.

Love and blessings,

Rahul N Singh

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Post 64 – A parent needs to remember their own childhood!

Question: Why is it important to have children and what should be done about over-population in the world? Should we be more responsible towards orphans?

Answer: It is not important to have children. First of all, most parents are inadequate of making such a decision. To understand the importance of having children the parent must realise the importance of their own childhood. I am not for any person saying or declaring that they want to become a father or a mother. The reason is because parents become dictators and they set their regimes. They have an image set in their head on how their child should be and place unnecessary and illogical dreams upon their poor child’s shoulders. The dreams on the outside do look logical. You want your child to be educated and have a degree of some sort but what if your child wants to sit home and do nothing? What if it wants to grow old and do nothing? Will you still accept your child? The only reason why many parents accept their own children because the children are living their dreams. The child is not living their lives but they are living their parents’ lives. Parents need to be the vessel of freedom. If the parents cannot give freedom then what can we accept from the world? Your own family cannot accept you as you are. If you have a different religion then your parents will condemn you, they will be depressed and that is only because you have hurt their ego. If you have a different sexuality then they will condemn you and will cry nights over this silly matter. Why do parents feel that you are obligated to them? You are not. You are a blessing not an obligation. Neither are you the product of a sin from their past life. I have heard parents say ‘What sin did I do in my past life to deserve you?’ And I always wonder ‘What good deed did the child do to achieve the parents that he or she has?’ Every child has a free mind, an empty mind, it has no conditions and the parents begin the conditioning with their beliefs, with their religion, with their dreams, with their expectations and a child is not a sin from the past life but is a sin from the present life. The birth of the sin is from the parents’ conditioning not from anywhere else.

The over-population issue is an unfortunate one and there are many reasons. Mainly, it is in the developing world where people give birth to so many children because they become commodities of income. The more children then the more richer they may become. That is the mentality but they do not realise that they have to feed the child, dress the child, educate the child and care for the child. In my opinion, every household should adopt one child from a developing world and so what if it is not your blood. Everyone has a soul and the soul is the same within everyone. Therefore, the issue of over-population will have some control and the world is more responsible to orphans. I am all for people who want children but a new mindset is needed. The mindset is to be freedom and only give freedom. What is a child going to do with our problems? We have to change our attitudes. Watch your children, nephews, nieces in the park, observe them and see how they are playful, enjoying life and taking everything non-seriously. You are serious and how can you be serious in such a small life? You only have a possible of upto 80 years and you live that with such seriousness that existence, your soul is laughing at your stupidity. Be like children, be free, be playful, be hyper and you should see a child. At one time it is completely hyper and the next absolutely calm and still. It is a rebel because it doubts everything you do. When was the last time you doubted your beliefs, your faith, your conditioning? Society has created the conditionings and the parents have accepted it as the acceptable way. The only way that should be accepted is of freedom. A parent is only suitable to be a parent if it can remember their own childhood. If they can remember the beauty that surrounded them. The emptiness they felt on their shoulders. The moments when they had not one care in the world. Live life with a little joy, be a little drunk and be intoxicated with this joyfulness and happiness and watch your inner child dance.

Love and blessings

Rahul N Singh

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Post 63 – Free e-book

Here is a free e-book for you all to download and read.

It is called ‘Who Am I? You Are More Than You Realise”

The book answers the question of who you are and it also has a meditation technique that you can use that will benefit your search for who you are.

You must have some point in your life, looked in a mirror and thought ‘Who Am I?’ It is such a question that cannot be answered but experienced. Many spiritual people have touched it, explained it and there is no end to explanations. Therefore, I am giving another explanation but like every authentic person, I do not lie to you and say I have the only answer. You have the answer and the answer has always been within you. You have searched everywhere but have forgotten about the person within. How can you know other people if you had not yet known your self? How can you realise and appreciate your Guru, your Master if you still have not understood your self. Only the Self can realise the greatness of a Master. This book is for anybody who has a leaning towards spirituality. Even if you have no leaning towards spirituality, and you do not believe in a theistic God then this book is still for you.

I hope it benefits you and if it does or you have any questions then please e-mail and I will reply back to you personally.

Please share this with everyone you know.

Who Am I (E-book)

Love and remain blessed

Rahul N Singh


Post 62 – Knowledge vs. Me

The question that always enters the mind is whether knowledge is more important than the truth we find within. We all have intuition and what is the difference between our intuition and the blessed ones of the past. Is knowledge more important than our intuition? Is our own created knowledge less valid than others? Who says Krishna is more valid than you? Who says Moses is more credible than you? Who says that Buddha is more valid than you? Who says that Christ is more valid than you? Who says Mohammed is more credible than you? Who says the Sikh Gurus are more valid than you? Who says any living Master or Spiritual Teacher today is more authentic than you? I am certainly against anybody that claims that you cannot be as valid as them, as credible as them and as more authentic than them. By quoting someone else’s knowledge does not mean that you are any more special or that it is even your truth. In fact, you are a bigger idiot if you are quoting stupid knowledge if you have not found your own truth. You need to find your own truth, create your own knowledge and then you can if you wish, use different scriptures as a device to make other people understand. In my opinion, anyone with their own truth has no need to use any scriptures because only people without a truth of their own use other people’s words and that half-heartedly. Whenever I use scriptures, it is only used to make other people of different background understand and even then I am probably using 1-3% of that scripture, the rest of it is probably pure nonsense to me.

If anyone says that you cannot have your own truth is the person that certainly hasn’t found his or her own. Gain your own truth, your own knowledge because you are full of infinite possibilities. You are more credible than any book because you are alive. You are your own Divine Being. All you need to do is trust your self, look within you, go beyond the structures set in the mind and find the Eternal Truth that is bursting to reveal itself.

Love and stay blessed

Rahul N Singh

Post 61 – Truth is Within You!

Question: Where can I find the truth to all the mysteries of the universe?

Answer: The question that is asked is where? How can I explain to you that pilgrimages are nothing but good exercise and nothing more. The truth is not only in the different forms of pilgrimages or in the temples of God and the no-God. The truth is within you and the search is not external but internal. So many people go on big journeys to pay their respects to an idol when they forget to see the idol within them. Anything that has been created on Earth has come from the earthly elements and so are the gurus, prophets and masters. The difference between us and the masters is a simple notion that they have searched within and have found everything within. They have given their devices and should be kept as a device and not a TRUTH. Whatever TRUTH you think exists is not your truth but someone else’s. It is not authentic to you. Truth has to be your possession, it has to be from your centre, it has to be from the inner consciousness of your soul.

The truth is very simple. Whenever you put words to it then there is always something missing. I have always felt the truth that you can possess can only be felt, it can only be experienced and that words are just devices to stir that truth within you.

I have always gone against God but not because I deny his existence. He definitely exists but not the way theology has expressed him. The Truth or God is within us all. God is the creator and to accept he is the creator then it must be accepted that he is creation itself. There is no difference between God and Creation. Creation is different ‘parts’ or ‘pieces’ of this one Spirit. The Truth is manifested in all. The God that we talk about needs to be experienced right now. There is no future for God because He is timeless. His truth is not for tomorrow but is for today. I am against the theists and the atheists too because there is a middle ground and the middle ground is where the truth is. You have to look in between the two extremes. There is a space in between the two extremes and that is where this Formless Consciousness resides.

The Universe itself will always be a mystery until you know the Truth. The mystery is only a mystery when truth is absent. Once you know the Truth then what can remain a mystery? You know that everything relies on each other and the mystery is not really all that big. It sounds big because we do not know the truth. The Truth is incomprehensible in words but it can be felt. The mysteries can be answered but not by words but by experiencing it. You need to allow your self to find the mysteries within. Your life itself is mysterious. The more you search for a meaning the more you know that the meaning is realising. All you need to do is continue realising what is within. Once the truth is established then you see the beauty of the mysteries. When you know that you your self are the mysteries then you will understand you need them to sustain. You are the creation and that is the truth. It has been said before and is being said today. By me telling you the truth will not mean anything until you find it within you. Sit silently and ask your self ‘Who am I?’ and the answers will become infinite.

Love and respect,

Rahul N Singh