Post 61 – Truth is Within You!

Question: Where can I find the truth to all the mysteries of the universe?

Answer: The question that is asked is where? How can I explain to you that pilgrimages are nothing but good exercise and nothing more. The truth is not only in the different forms of pilgrimages or in the temples of God and the no-God. The truth is within you and the search is not external but internal. So many people go on big journeys to pay their respects to an idol when they forget to see the idol within them. Anything that has been created on Earth has come from the earthly elements and so are the gurus, prophets and masters. The difference between us and the masters is a simple notion that they have searched within and have found everything within. They have given their devices and should be kept as a device and not a TRUTH. Whatever TRUTH you think exists is not your truth but someone else’s. It is not authentic to you. Truth has to be your possession, it has to be from your centre, it has to be from the inner consciousness of your soul.

The truth is very simple. Whenever you put words to it then there is always something missing. I have always felt the truth that you can possess can only be felt, it can only be experienced and that words are just devices to stir that truth within you.

I have always gone against God but not because I deny his existence. He definitely exists but not the way theology has expressed him. The Truth or God is within us all. God is the creator and to accept he is the creator then it must be accepted that he is creation itself. There is no difference between God and Creation. Creation is different ‘parts’ or ‘pieces’ of this one Spirit. The Truth is manifested in all. The God that we talk about needs to be experienced right now. There is no future for God because He is timeless. His truth is not for tomorrow but is for today. I am against the theists and the atheists too because there is a middle ground and the middle ground is where the truth is. You have to look in between the two extremes. There is a space in between the two extremes and that is where this Formless Consciousness resides.

The Universe itself will always be a mystery until you know the Truth. The mystery is only a mystery when truth is absent. Once you know the Truth then what can remain a mystery? You know that everything relies on each other and the mystery is not really all that big. It sounds big because we do not know the truth. The Truth is incomprehensible in words but it can be felt. The mysteries can be answered but not by words but by experiencing it. You need to allow your self to find the mysteries within. Your life itself is mysterious. The more you search for a meaning the more you know that the meaning is realising. All you need to do is continue realising what is within. Once the truth is established then you see the beauty of the mysteries. When you know that you your self are the mysteries then you will understand you need them to sustain. You are the creation and that is the truth. It has been said before and is being said today. By me telling you the truth will not mean anything until you find it within you. Sit silently and ask your self ‘Who am I?’ and the answers will become infinite.

Love and respect,

Rahul N Singh

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