Post 62 – Knowledge vs. Me

The question that always enters the mind is whether knowledge is more important than the truth we find within. We all have intuition and what is the difference between our intuition and the blessed ones of the past. Is knowledge more important than our intuition? Is our own created knowledge less valid than others? Who says Krishna is more valid than you? Who says Moses is more credible than you? Who says that Buddha is more valid than you? Who says that Christ is more valid than you? Who says Mohammed is more credible than you? Who says the Sikh Gurus are more valid than you? Who says any living Master or Spiritual Teacher today is more authentic than you? I am certainly against anybody that claims that you cannot be as valid as them, as credible as them and as more authentic than them. By quoting someone else’s knowledge does not mean that you are any more special or that it is even your truth. In fact, you are a bigger idiot if you are quoting stupid knowledge if you have not found your own truth. You need to find your own truth, create your own knowledge and then you can if you wish, use different scriptures as a device to make other people understand. In my opinion, anyone with their own truth has no need to use any scriptures because only people without a truth of their own use other people’s words and that half-heartedly. Whenever I use scriptures, it is only used to make other people of different background understand and even then I am probably using 1-3% of that scripture, the rest of it is probably pure nonsense to me.

If anyone says that you cannot have your own truth is the person that certainly hasn’t found his or her own. Gain your own truth, your own knowledge because you are full of infinite possibilities. You are more credible than any book because you are alive. You are your own Divine Being. All you need to do is trust your self, look within you, go beyond the structures set in the mind and find the Eternal Truth that is bursting to reveal itself.

Love and stay blessed

Rahul N Singh


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