Post 63 – Free e-book

Here is a free e-book for you all to download and read.

It is called ‘Who Am I? You Are More Than You Realise”

The book answers the question of who you are and it also has a meditation technique that you can use that will benefit your search for who you are.

You must have some point in your life, looked in a mirror and thought ‘Who Am I?’ It is such a question that cannot be answered but experienced. Many spiritual people have touched it, explained it and there is no end to explanations. Therefore, I am giving another explanation but like every authentic person, I do not lie to you and say I have the only answer. You have the answer and the answer has always been within you. You have searched everywhere but have forgotten about the person within. How can you know other people if you had not yet known your self? How can you realise and appreciate your Guru, your Master if you still have not understood your self. Only the Self can realise the greatness of a Master. This book is for anybody who has a leaning towards spirituality. Even if you have no leaning towards spirituality, and you do not believe in a theistic God then this book is still for you.

I hope it benefits you and if it does or you have any questions then please e-mail and I will reply back to you personally.

Please share this with everyone you know.

Who Am I (E-book)

Love and remain blessed

Rahul N Singh



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