Post 67 – One moment does not define your whole life.

Question: I don’t like being single. Girls are not giving me a chance. What do I do?

Answer: Turn bisexual and see if you have the same fate with men too? Jokes aside (you can take it seriously if you want), why do you dislike being single? Is there any problem with being alone? In my opinion, single life is the best way. There are no commitments, no rules, no boundaries and that is a life of freedom. I understand that you may feel lonely and sometimes you want someone to love you. But before you think about others loving you do you love your self? I am not going to go against girls and say they do not give you a chance. Maybe you do not deserve a chance. Maybe they don’t deserve you. Why get so caught up in this situation? You need to do nothing. Just live your life and you will find a girl come to you. If she doesn’t come then atleast you are still living life. If you are worried about sex, then have one night stands or find other alternative to release yourself but don’t go on condemning females because a few girls do not like you.

Maybe some girls do like you but you have expectations and every girl you meet will not meet your expectations. Your expectations are silly and full of crap that possibly the media has put into you. There are not just guys like you who are saying girls are not giving you a chance then there are girls saying them same thing about guys just like you. It works both ways. We have the choice in everything. You will find people desperate to be in a relationship so go after them. You will find people desperate to be single so that means you leave them alone. The fact is there is no answer to anything in life. You just have to live it. Be happy with yourself and be content with whatever life brings. You are open to change it. Everything is in your hands but first free your mind. Forget about all the barriers that others have put in your head. You are the key, the password and the passport to your life. Live it. Don’t be so torn apart by the fact that girls are not liking you at the moment. Work hard at your job, be at peace in your mind and women will come to you in their own time. There is no need for any worries. By keeping hope for a future with a girl is going to be useless. Go out and chat with girls. I know people are uptight today and that most girls will think you are after one thing but they think it, they believe it but they do not know it. You have to prove their belief wrong and get them to know you. Remember don’t be a stalker but be persistent, be polite and not an animal. If a girl rejects you then remember she isn’t rejecting you as a person. There is nothing wrong with you. Her few moments of meeting you does not define your whole experience of life. Remember that.

So my best and only advise is: Live!

Love and blessings,

Rahul N Singh

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