Post 85 – Thoughts (Part 14)

The Guru only serves a purpose and then you should let go.

Not many will agree with this. Especially the ones that have Gurus and Masters who they follow. Whether the Master is 2000 years old or is present in the moment right now. The fact is that I got thinking about the concept of a Guru and what is special about it. What makes a Guru different compared to us? What does a Guru do that we do not do? Why is the Guru the only enlightened one? What can we achieve from the Guru’s enlightenment?

I think today much importance is given to a Guru and to an extent rightfully so. However, it must end somewhere. A guru can only do so much for you but the fact is the Guru cannot add a meaning to your life. A Guru cannot give you enlightenment. A Guru cannot give you your truth. You can’t agree with the Guru unless you have found your truth. Most disciples of Guru’s never bother to find the Truth. They blindly accept what the Guru says as correct as if God had bestowed the Truth in front of their eyes. I am not against a Guru’s work. But it has its’ limitations. Nobody can deny that. If it never had any limitations then those that claim to believe in the True Guru should all be enlightened beings.

I know that most Gurus today accept their disciples to window shop for the right beliefs. But beliefs are beliefs. They are borrowed. It also shows how low your confidence is. I have seen the most confident people fall out of grace as they seek blessings of the Gurus. The problem is that it is not gratitude for the Guru for breaking every belief system and getting them on the path of their own truth. It is far from that. They believe their Guru to be the one and only savior. They believe he is the only messiah. He is the only true one. Why can’t there be more than one true Guru?  This is the problem with the disciples. They feel there is a competition between the Gurus and naturally, their so-called compassion becomes a silly infatuation. They can’t stand another Guru. They will not accept a disciple who has found his own truth. Why? The fact is that there is an inner jealousy. Why can he achieve it and not me? We go to the same place, believe in the same Guru, believe in the same book, believe in the same God but I didn’t achieve. The problem is that you believe. You never question. Only someone that inquires everything will find everything. Yes, if you continue to use intellect there is a limit but intuition can bring you your own enlightenment.

So what is the need of the Guru? The Guru is there to show you that you can achieve enlightenment. You need to follow and see his way and see what you could agree with. There is no way everyone agrees with their Gurus. Their Guru may talk about love and acceptance and the first thing that the disciple does is gossip and bitch about those that are individuals. You praise your Guru for being an individual and then when a disciple is an individual, if a disciple even speaks ‘against’ the Guru then you condemn that individuality. You only praise your Guru because he is leading his own life. Especially from the distance that is what it looks like. But unfortunately, every Guru because of their acceptance and their non-interference  – their committees, their Trust members, even their friends and family will put a negative light on the Guru. To your eyes, that Guru no longer is independent, he is no longer a rebel but that is your interpretation. What can the Guru do but accept. He truly doesn’t give a shit. You want him to give a shit. But he has no attachment. The fact is only the ones who are a little smart see the reality of it. The rest tend to sugar coat it with ignorance. The Guru can only lead you for a while. But the Guru will let you go. He knows your attachment will let you down. He wants you to rise. Most people tend to stick with following. They are comfortable with it. There is nothing wrong with this but personally, I feel that you are selling your enlightenment but finding no buyers. No one can buy enlightenment. It has to be earned and only you know how to pay the complete value.

The fact is that you have to find your own truth. You can’t run away from this unless you want to remain a beggar in front of your Guru. Not only are you letting your self down but even your Guru. He wants you to be rich not a beggar. Yes, the Guru’s job is to get rid of the ego so that the divine can start filling you with enlightenment. However, that is it. When the ego ends then Guru’s job is finished. Now, he knows that although there is a possibility of a relapse, there is more likely that you will find your individuality and therefore attain self-realisation. The Guru does not want you to believe. He wants you to question every idea that he gives you. Only then you will understand your Guru. It is a very ‘scientific’ approach but your individuality is an evolution of your self. It is a transformation. It is a finding. A conclusion.

Once you have found what you have been seeking for then the end result is to spread what you have found. Yes, accidently you will attain followers. You will become a leader. You will be doing the true justice to your Guru. That is the true gratitude. That is the true bliss you have attained from your Guru. You are forever happy with your Guru because if it were not for him, you will not have become an individual. He gave you the wings. While others never learned to fly, you dared to fly. While you flapped away, the others flopped. The fact is it will be an accident that you have become a Guru. Naturally, everyone will become a Guru. Especially those who have had self-realisation. Every awakened one has to become a Guru. Every enlightened being has to become a Guru. The reason is simple that you will always have one person that trusts you. That is your own self.

Yes, there is the myth that a student can never become a teacher. But a student can gain the qualifications to become a teacher. Similarly, a devotee can walk the right path to become a Guru.

My final message is a simple one. Find your self, be your own Guru. If others follow you then accept it. They need to learn from you like you had to learn at one time. Self-realisation is the only right path. Yes, the meaning is utter nothingness and emptiness but that is the complete factor. It completes you. To the mind it looks pathetic. You are still calculating a value. Emptiness and nothingness has to be filled with your value. If you see absolutely no value in emptiness and nothingness then that reflects what your value is.

A confession is this that I am nothing but I am everything. You are also nothing but you are everything too. I salute you.

Rahul N Singh

Post 84 – Your Love (Poem)

Your love

Your love breaks conformity,

Your love propagates individuality.

Your love inspires negativity,

Your love transfers positivity.

Your love removes ego,

Your love destroys greed.

Your love divorces lust.

Your love eradicates envy.

Your love is food for nature.

Your love is the light of stars.

Your love is the center of gravity.

Your love is the energy of the universe.

Only a few will understand Your love,

Only a few will experience Your love,

Only a few will celebrate Your love,

Only a few will become Your love.

Rahul N Singh

Post 83 – Thoughts (Part 13)

Whatever we do has a consequence. I guess I know that there is an effect for every cause and a cause for every effect. In fact, I think that is the best way to explain karma. Karma has nothing to do with your past and your future. However, people can turn around and say then how come it takes karma ages to catch up? Well, the answer is simple that the effect has to happen at the right time. That is something we cannot guess.

However, the question always remains about why do bad people get the good things and why do good things get bad. I always say that good and bad is a concept of the mind because wealth is a concept of man. It has nothing to do with God and never will. Anyone associating money with God then they are only proving to you that God is also man made. The way wealth is worshipped today, it is on the same status of God.

Now, karma is such a complicated topic hence I tend to tell people that it is all garbage. The reason is because then people use it for exploitation and I am against any type of exploitation that creates harm or suffering to someone’s life. Now, how can we get deeper into understanding this cause and effect. It is all about how badly you were affected, how much negativity it has created and I seem to notice that people with an overwhelming sense of positivity tend to be free from the curse of karma. Karma is nothing but a curse to make sure people do good. I say have trust in people and they will do good. We always think of the worst of people. Don’t say you don’t. You see a guy or girl at work – you think that he must be a dickhead or she must be a right bitch. We all do. We have this mindset. The reason is because we are taught from a young age that we are not to be friendly with strangers. The problem is that nobody has told you how to grow or evolve from that view. When you are 18 or even 16 years old then you are able to have a sound view of the world and its people. But this view of ‘strangers’ which was right and correct for us at a young age seems to be subconsciously set in us.

The only time that a stranger is strangely accepted is when you fall in love with that person. When you feel attracted to that person then it creates an urge to know the person. However, only a few of us will actually talk to that person. I know that I don’t talk but I do smile. Some people say that is creepy but I judge someone by their reaction to a smile. I know it is bad of me to judge but I rather be aware of it than deny that I don’t. I am not judging that person for the whole life. I just say ‘Okay, that person doesn’t seem to want to smile TODAY.’ Tomorrow could be a different thing. If you have a sense of humour, which I thank the Universe for everyday because I possess it then your life is easier. You can make other people laugh. Once you have that gift then you are sorted. You will find friends easily because you can make someone laugh. That is the most attractive thing I find in a girl. Two things actually. One is her intellect. That is a major pleaser for me. Second is her sense of humour. If she has both then she is lucky or unlucky because subconsciously I will start falling for her. I hardly ever have met a girl with intellect and a sense of humour. Well, with a sense of humour that I can understand. I do understand a wide spectrum of humour. Believe it or not, I hated Ricky Gervais at one time and now I can’t have enough of him. He is not someone I will turn gay for obviously but he is both intellectual and funny. His girlfriend Jane is a very lucky woman.

I always say that one must be positive, be spontaneous because that will mean people will warm up to you and even your bad jokes will be laughed at. You have to have a sense of confidence but never over do it. Just remember of the surrounding area. Like joking about someone being buried alive on a stag night isn’t going to fare very well at a funeral.

Be aware and the world will be the biggest intellectual joke known to you and mankind.

Now listen to this song and say with them that KARMA IS A BITCH!

Rahul N Singh

Post 82 – Thoughts (Part 12)

Sometimes your mind is blank and you don’t know what to say…today is one of those days for me. I don’t know why I even feel like this because I am happy today. The feelings that we tend to feel are the thoughts that we create.

It is weird how you can set targets and achieve them. I think it all matters about how much you believe in yourself. That is really important. Lots of people lose confidence and think that if they say something then they jinx it. You can only jinx it if you have jinxed it. Otherwise, nothing can be jinxed. It is all in the mind. Like everything else in this world. Even love is in the mind. Yeah, that is true. Love is all in the mind.

Now, the question or the criticism that I will receive now is ‘But don’t you feel love from your heart?’ No, you don’t. You think it in the mind and then that thought of love creates this energy and it just travels around your body. Now, the great thing about love is that you can share it. Share it and you will receive more. Now, it doesn’t mean people are going to love you more. Don’t be so pathetic. You will have more love within your self. The more you love others then more love you will have within you. That is the thing with love, you can spend it but not lose anything. It’s value remains. Hence, we have broken hearts than tend to never mend unless you meet like the most amazing girl in the world.

You know that is the great thing about being positive in life. You got to look at others and feel a great amount of love for them. Now, it doesn’t have to be sexual. But think about all those people you see on a daily basis. It could be the guy you see on the train everyday, the girl you see crossing the road at the same every day, the girl’s text message that comes through now and then, the people at work, all these people have lives of their own. Even though, they have no connection to you but you feel a strange connection to them. Imagine if you never see that guy on the train again? You would look for him, atleast subconsciously you would be. Anybody in this world can make you see things differently.

Before I must admit that I used to get agitated when people would have stupid beliefs and I would hate it. Now, I just agree and joke about it with like-minded friends. The fact is that the art of listening brings a lot to you. I love listening to people. Their stories, the excitement in their voices, their eyes that light up when they explain what they think about something. I feel so blessed to be there with that person at that very moment. Who cares if I don’t agree with what they say, the fact is that they find something in you to share what they feel with you.

There is a saying that ‘You can only carry on drowning in love’ and I think that is true. I might have made up that saying. I don’t know to be honest. I can’t be bothered to google it at the moment. The thing with love is that you can only drown, fair enough it may not be the same person that you love for the rest of your life but one thing will always be present and that is love. People will change but love can never change. Only the way we treat love will change. That is it! Only our perception of love changes but love doesn’t. The very people that cry that their love has gone from their lives, will find love with another girl and be back to normal. They will be back in  their lover boy personas. They will be back with the statuses of ‘I loooooove youuuu!’ As much as that is cringeworthy but you got to understand the happiness. Love can never make you sad. Not even when you miss them. You cannot miss the person that you truly love. If you have love within you then that person is within you. So love should never be missed because it is always present.

This makes me often think about when I die. I know I am fascinated with death. But when I do die then the love cannot disappear because all it does is expand into this universe. How I do love the fact that I am eternal. Who cares about this physical body? Death can take me but it can never outlive me!

Live your life with the maximum amount of love. Keep drowning in love. There is no end to it.

Here is a tune that I have enjoyed today. Trust me, if you listen to the lyrics of this song closely, it is amazing.

Rahul N Singh

Post 81 – Thoughts (Part 11)

‘Charity is my deal with those in need and it requires no agent in between.’

So with the light of Sathya Sai Baba’s death, we hear from the media how nice and charitable he has been. How he gave to the needy. How he gave to the poor. How he raised money for hospitals. Well, it is good for Sathya Sai Baba as he is named as the one who did all the charity.

People pay two types of taxes. One that is actual tax to the government and then there is the religious/spiritual tax that people pay to their churches, to their temples, to their Gurus, to their Godmen. You should hear some of the absurd things that they say. Apparently, you must pay 10% of what you earn to them. Now, come on people if you still follow that then you really need to wake up.

I have tried to think about it. I have a Guru and I do give money to him. Now, why do I give money to him? The first line of enquiry must begin with me. Anyone reading this would turn around and say well you have a Guru and I have seen you donate money to him. The first thing is that I have never donated anything to my Guru. I give him whatever I want because he is like a father to me. It is a personal relationship. He has never demanded any money from me or any of his devotees. His Charity Organisation carries out the normal social work that other missionaries do. However, I have never seen my Guru ever put the praise on to Himself. I can say that people praise the Charitable Organisation.

I see the Guru relationship as something personal. What you give to the Guru should be for the Guru only. It is like as if you are giving money to your parents or your children that is how it is for me. It is a personal feeling. My Guru gives me happiness, he has made me a much better person, he has opened my awareness towards certain aspects of my life that I was lacking in. However, it has all been my journey but I know he has never let go of my hand. Remember, you should only really donate something to your Guru if he has created some inner transformation. If you are doing it because other people are doing it, or because you see what his charitable activities are then it is wrong.

Many people give money to charities and why do they? What is the purpose? What do they get from it? I personally never have agreed with charity especially to Gurus/Swamis who claim to be building temples, schools, hospitals etc. They are nothing but crooks. People who give money to such gurus/swamis cannot complain when the Government raises its taxes.

Religion and some Spiritual Institutions have continuously gained money from their followers to give to the needy. Now, I was trying to work out the amount of money these people must have. It is more than billions of dollars, in fact, it could reach trillions of dollars a year. Now, what I want to know if all this is going to these religious and spiritual institutions to get rid of all kinds of poverty then surely there should be no poverty left in the world? I can’t see how it is possible. Poverty should be eradicated in a decade maximum. So what have these organisations been doing?

The question could be blamed on the devotees and their lack of common sense. But if you are a devotee and you have donated money then stand up and speak up. If your religious or spiritual institution has built a school or a hospital, raise your voice and say that is your money. I am telling you these Gurus/Swamis will get all the praise and you will be there in the background with a few quid missing in your bank account. What have you gained from it?

You see people say they don’t donate charity for pride or for happiness. They do it because they generally care. So when you probe further and ask them couldn’t they save the money on the side and then build a hospital or a school? They would be like we do not have the resources. Really what they mean is that they cannot be bothered. Truly they don’t really give a damn. So why do they carry on giving money to charity? Then they will say it makes us feel better, it makes us feel closer to doing God’s work (God (the Universe) has never ever uttered a word about charity because really everyone is spongeing (taking) from this source!). They will say that they will be granted salvation, or a place in heaven or even a couple of virgins. Now, come on so really your charity is based on one or few conditions. It is based on expectations. You are not giving it because you care. You are being selfish while giving to others and you are pretending to be selfless. Either admit you are selfish but don’t ever claim to be selfless. You are doing it because you want a higher place in the spiritual organisation. You want to be praised. You want to be recognised by that little society. Your thinking is so narrow-minded that anybody with a broad mind can never be comprehended by yourself. What I say now will definitely fall upon blind eyes because I am telling you that you can see but you are failing to open your own eyes. The fact is that your charity is not charity. It is a compromise. A deal with the divine. No offense to you but I find it sick.

Think about all the money you have given to a religious or spiritual organisation in the name of ‘charity or donations’. Just count it all up. Now, what if you took all that money and actually went to every poor person and distributed that wealth as much as you could? Now, you are helping people directly without an outside agency. You don’t need anybody in between. You could set up a sunday school for people and offer to pay the tutor with the money. You could pay for a poor family to educated their children for the rest of their lives. You could pay for someone’s medications for a year. The less people that you truly help, the more quality that charity will have. If everyone who has money to give to charity, donated it to one poor family then are you telling me that those people will remain in poverty?

However, the mind is such a greedy thing. When you see you are helping that person, once they are saving it and buying more grander things then you will complain. You will be saying you are wasting MY money. It is not your money if you have given it to another. There we go, you are selfish about it. It is always going to be your money. Your attachment is alive. Your pride is there. Your ego is still there. What has happened that before the act of charity pleased the ego into hibernation for a while. Then, when it sees other people succeeding due to your money then you are back from your deep sleep. Infact, your charity has become not your living dream but your awakened nightmare.

So take a deep look into why you give charity. I decided today that I am going to set up my own charity and guess what? Only I am allowed to donate to it. Sorry, but I don’t want your money to offer charity to others. I guess I will not get as much praise as the Gurus and Swamis but I know my charity was about quality and not quantity. So yes, you can give your charity for your place in heaven after death. I am in heaven because I will see to my charity directly.

Rahul N Singh

Post 80 – Life-Force (Poem)

Every night that rains,

Is the heaven crying.

The stars behind the clouds,

Are lost in our past.

The centre of life,

Is the present.

What ever has squandered,

Finds its place in the heart.

The heart is my metaphor,

For the God that lives in you.

For my Beloved,

You will be my thoughts and words.

I may have lost you,

But you are the star in the past.

The present is a surprise,

For it never relies on the past.

Can there be an end to my love?

With the Universe my love expands.

Let my experience of your love,

Remain my life-force to live.

Rahul N Singh

Post 79 – Thoughts (Part 10)

‘Smile – life is more colourful and beautiful with it.’

The truth that everyone can smile and make the surrounding atmosphere a happy place. Why do we feel sad or down at times? Is there a need? Sometimes, things happen against our will and we feel that it is injustice to ourselves. Mainly good people feel depressed because they feel it is never appreciated. But are you good for appreciation off others or are you good because it makes you feel good? Then if you feel down by making others feel good then their ‘good’ will not last either. Your intentions are fine but what you give is only what is within you. I have found from experience if you make others feel good, then you will feel even better. The fact is you are changing the course of sadness.

The problem is that we all have responsibilities. We have a responsibility with one person or a number of people but are we placed under those responsibility as our own will? Only you can answer that. Are you with your family because you want to? Are you helping your friends because you want to? Are you following your religion because you want to? Or are you doing everything you do so you stay out of trouble? Are you doing it so you can feel comfortable? Indirectly, you are doing things against your will and whatever you do that is against your heart will have its effects. The effects is depression. As much as it sounds bad saying this but society, everything about it is making you depressed. It is not you and you are living a compromise. Whoever is doing things as a compromise then their individuality is facing its demise. It is a truth.

Sometimes we even find that others have an obligation towards us. Our lover must love us. She or he can’t fall out of love for us. If they do then how dare they? What idiots they are? But if they are idiots and you are getting worked up about it, you are getting upset about it, you are getting angry about it then who is the real idiot? Who is the idiot of idiots? The fact is that we cannot control what other people do. It is better to accept it. Listen to them. Say what you want. Enjoy your moments with them. I used to feel the same with my ex-girlfriends. How can they be so rude to say they don’t love me anymore. But when did love ever say ‘I am for this person ONLY’? Never! It has never said it. Religion and society have forced this concept of one true love unto us and we are going crazy. Love has no control and you can never control love. I always say that you must love your self first. Forget other people for a moment, love your self and then you will find it easier to love another. Loving another is fake if you cannot love your self. That love is false. Everyone emphasises to love others but forget to love themselves. Be a little selfish, be a little wise and love your self. You are important, nobody else.

Love is a vast ocean and we are just a drop. I look at this world and realise I am just one of the 6 billion. I don’t even want to comprehend what I am in front of the Universe. Now a negative person will find themselves useless in this whole structure because it will make them feel tiny. But the fact is, the other entities could be feeling the  same thing. However, when I think about this, I feel great. I feel blessed to be able to comprehend. I am blessed for intuition and the ability to appreciate. I am grateful that I am part of something more extraordinary that already makes me extraordinary.

Enjoy your life and have a little smile. Make your life more colourful. Let others be coloured with the grace you show others. Appreciate what people do for you because they took out their time to do it. Appreciate the small acts. Even if you are lazy and can’t be bothered to do anything, atleast find a little energy to offer your gratitude.

I thank the Universe for allowing me to be a part of it. I thank the Universe for giving me the strength to feel eternal. I thank the Universe for making me the God of my own life. What is life is the question? Life is a continuum journey. I am the body but not of the body. I am the energy that is around us and within us all. Not just on this Earth but the whole of the Universe. I am expanding in new directions. Let us be positive and make others smile with our smile.

Rahul N Singh