Post 70 – Thoughts (Part 3)

‘The Soul must exist in everything’

This is the hypothesis if you ask me. The soul is what I call the inner body, I think this is the inner form of what we are. Although, we cannot see it, many names have been given like consciousness, life energy and the spirit, we can surely say there is something unique about it. I think the fact that we can perceive things, conceptualise things, intellectualise things makes it definitely real that we have something called a conscious. We are all conscious beings. This is the universe in our creativity, in our abilities, in our thoughts and ideas. The fact that we can think on such levels shows that we could all be ‘mini universes’ continuously creating and expanding. No matter what we try to look at spirituality, it all originates with this Universe that is a definite fact of existence. Now, this may mean that our mind is the soul and although we cannot see the mind, we know it exists. There is always a fight between the mind and consciousness but really they could both be the same. The difference could be is how do we train the mind. Do we want to be good humans? Do we want to be driven by creativity? No matter how rational scientists may be, whenever it comes to making a new theory or coming to a profound conclusion, everything they do is irrational to the human mind. However, what they find out may be important to the construction of something great and marvellous. Therefore, these rational or irrational thoughts must originate from what I call the soul or what we call the soul. It is within us but still remains separate but it is what is the interconnection within us all. We all think, we all are conscious, some of us are aware of this and some are not. Hence, meditation is something that makes us aware of the things that become a habit to us. The little acts are beautiful and within the perception of habit these tiny acts become lost without meaning. The fact is, we all may have souls but you cannot just say it. You need to know it exists. For me the soul is definitely alive when I feel a deep and inner connection with everything and everyone that surrounds me. These feelings of consciousness is the definition of the soul.

Our thoughts, actions, state of inner being, the awareness of everything are what the soul defines itself. Is it who we are? It definitely is the only mirror that we have, where we can look at our own selves and be the harshest critics. This definition that we need to be something is something useless. We have a limited time and I feel that I am always in this useless bubble of trying to prove something I am. I simply am and my soul in harmony with my body can create that. So is the soul the mind? Very much! Now many will argue and say they are different. Yes, they are different in perception and definitely in theory in the language of spirituality. However since the soul is always associated with goodness and the mind with evil then this has led us to believe that they are two different things. They are not. They are one. It is one. It is this constant battle that we have within us to prove we are living souls and not minds is what makes everything dream-like and the facade of religion continues. Now the mind is nothing but your soul’s projection or my soul’s projection. Therefore, make your mind your soul and see how it defines you. The thing is we have a problem with having our judgments and expectations of what a good person or an enlightened person should be like and it is this very thing that throws us away from our own enlightenment. The fact is your own enlightenment has nothing to do with anybody in the past but it has something to do with you now. It is the very evolution of your soul. This is enlightenment. Enlightenment is the awareness of the evolution occurring in your soul on a daily basis.

Therefore the body must contain the soul. However, being souls does not mean anything special. All the difference is that an enlightened person is aware hence they transcend the concept of life and death. They know their reality. If you know your reality then really living or dying is nothing but events that have to happen and will happen. Your soul is also part of the fear and it is the very thing that will conquer the fear too. Therefore, I emphasise a lot on the soul being your thoughts, your creativity, your art, your vision, your actions, your emotions and nothing is greater than transcending this all and realising that your soul is part of one Ultimate Portrait. These are things that will last until you want to put them to rest. They can only be put to rest if you feel that they have met their purpose. Hence, I will say that ghosts or bodiless spirits do exist because these are the thoughts that someone may be carrying and still have a form of burden upon this Earth. They still have not expanded into this universe. Like I said, everything here is just a theory, just a thought, it is upto you if you find it anything worthwhile. I am a spiritual ‘scientist’ who is always ready to prove myself wrong but also ready to prove what I say is right. See this soul has nothing to do with what is right or wrong and truly it only cares, if it really does desire then it is the desire to transcend. Death of the soul is the transcendence of being just an earthly spirit to the universal spirit. Hence, many write or say that they have merged with ‘God’ or with the Cosmos because this must be the soul. The mind of consciousness truly wants to be aware of its origins and of its continuous life without the restrictions of the human body form.

This then leads on to what happens to us when we die. I may have answered it a little earlier and this is what may be slightly different to mainstream thought. As I feel that everyone in their minds (souls) wants to leave an imprint or wants to either transcend but got stuck in the nature of this materialistic cycle of life. Thus they remain on this earth waiting for or looking for another body. This may support the theory of reincarnation. Or there is the possibility that the mind (soul) disappears when the body dies and that all conscious thoughts, ideas, emotions,  visions and creativity has no way to perform without the use of the body and leaves it without any purpose. As now the body is not of a human form but of the form of the Universe. Why would we need to remain on this earth as souls? Do we have past lives? Even if we do have past lives then what significance does it have on this life? It has no influence at all. So it may be that our consciousness (mind/soul) needs to transcend and therefore needs to enter a new body but that would still be giving too much importance to the human life form. The fact is that if the energy of this Universe is one then surely this consciousness or soul is one. Nobody is different but the awareness could be different. In fact, it is the awareness that needs to be given importance. We may not be individuals in souls but our journey to reach this realisation of One Soul may need an individual person’s thought or creativity. The fact is that the journey will have to be made by ourselves as individual seekers. We have to merge with the reality. We may not like the reality that we are not individual souls but if the life spirit exists everywhere then we are no different. We are all one. Therefore, I do emphasise that everyone is on different awareness levels and that may be the cause why some transcend this whole cycle of life and death. In fact, do we die with this realisation or do we die without realising it? Would it make a difference? In my opinion, it would because we need to realise this because it is where we originate from. Our intelligence that is the soul is there due to the intelligence of this universe. Our intelligence or our soul is full of complexities because the universe is complete with complexities. This is the beauty of it all. Knowing that we are the intelligence in what created this whole universe. You can’t just read it and believe this. You have to know it. How you will know it that is your own individual journey. But you will know it. You will get that transcendence. The transcendence is the realisation.

As I will conclude, your soul, my soul and everyone else’s and everything that has a soul are all one. There is no difference in soul. We are not individual souls. The difference is our awareness. Become aware of the Reality and then you will know that the only importance is to live life knowing that it will never end and be that person who wins with the last laugh.

Rahul N Singh

‘Thoughts’ is to be part of a new e-book compilation).

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