Post 71 – Thoughts (Part 4)

‘The meaning of life has no relevance in the past but is of the present.’

The most prominent philosophers, the organised religions and spiritual teachers have all tried to extract a meaning to life or a meaning of life. However, even trying to attempt to find a meaning of life is a meaning in itself. It is such a paradoxical cycle that you have to truly be a witness, a person who is outside the act of thinking and this awareness finds the very meaning to life. The one aspect of finding meaning to life is to attach ourselves to a concept of religion. Religion has constantly endeavoured to find a purpose to human life. They wanted to find something that would answer everyone’s questions and benefit all. However, with the growing force of organised religion the meaning has got lost in countless rituals, continuous acts of pilgrimages and constant chanting or bowing in prayer. The problem with this is that the acts get worshipped but not the inner intention. Therefore, true religion has had to make sure those rituals, pilgrimages and constant chanting has to be removed. It is said that silence is the answer to all the questions. Maybe silence is the meaning of what life is truly about. Maybe it is about in taking all of life’s beauty and complexity and simply allowing it to flow. The flow of life is what is breathtaking and it literally is. Our battle to understand why are we here and living in this body? Why am I living in this family? Why am I working in this job? Is this my achievement in life? Where does the concept of achievement come from? Is it to become the best person, this continuous battle of mental survival? Forget about the physical survival of mankind, there is also the mental survival as we all strive to be better than the other. However, what if we are all interconnected? If we are all connected, if someone is more mentally strong or has more of a mental capacity to absorb knowledge and extract meanings then eventually we can learn from those people. This is the basic purpose we all need to have: to learn. Learning is beautiful and eventually even though learning will be continuous, it will find an eventual end because although you may not know everything but everything you do know is enough for you to be peaceful. Hence, maybe the meaning of life is to be peaceful? If it is to be peaceful then shouldn’t love and unity be at the forefront of life not only in slogans but in the living practice of life? There is turmoil and that is especially in the mind and that will always divert our attention. If we do find the meaning of life and this is really and truly a very important question, would we care about living another second? I find that enlightenment is the objective and subjective end of all questions and answers.

There is a concept called cosmic consciousness that has been accepted by some and I always call it formless consciousness. Formless consciousness is the energy that is required in everything, it is the source of everything. However, this is the answer but how to get to the answer? You have to think inwardly, without the naked eye and think what am I? Who am I? Why am I here? What am I going to do here? The thing is that if I say it as it is, it may look a little less poetic but there is no ultimate meaning to life except death. Death is the defining line of all questions and no matter what we all will face it. The quicker your accept death then I can say with guarantee that the answer to the meaning of life is not really that far from your mind. It is the soul/mind that conceptualises the meaning. The body just lives and requires itself to look after itself. The mind/soul looks at the more complex beauties of life. It knows that it has to articulate a meaning from somewhere. However, there is a fear to knowing. If we know then all our previous beliefs will be shattered. The important aspect of this is that we are all attached to our beliefs. Even if there is ample of proof and evidence against it, we would try and fight and stick to what we believe. You cannot allow your doubts to appear and all for the right reasons because the way you live is at your comfort. Whatever your are comfortable with is what makes you happy. Hence, beliefs keep a lot of people happy. Although, it is not needed to find the meaning because belief is still something you truly doubt from within. A belief is always something you have seen from another person and you pretend and garb it as your own truth. The fact is that knowing something that is your own truth is the only thing that will truly mean something to you. It is great that you read this and may think that I have said something good but in my opinion it is bad. It is bad because I know I have found the meaning to life but I know you are looking for a shortcut. There is no shortcut and whoever is looking for a shortcut is only going to find the quest of knowledge becoming long and tiresome. Thus, leading to the ultimate tool of finding the meaning of life is to live truly in the present.

Now this is a hard thing because everything we perceive may trigger memories, however, who needs memories? They have been lived and we remember them because without ourselves consciously knowing they actually make sure we do not grow. Memories can retain growth but memories can also encourage growth. It does come down to your intentions. Your intentions shape up what you are going to find. To live in the present then you have to be empty. Seriously, you need to be full of emptiness because you cannot fill it with anything great unless you have emptied your mind. You don’t need to know what is right or wrong. You do not need to know what is needed. You do not need to know what is essential. You don’t need to know what will make other people happy. You let them live and find their meaning. The truth is that only you can find your meaning to your own life. Nobody else and even if they try to they will fail. A guru will only be an example to you, now you can use the example and formulate your own answer but ultimately, either you can copy and not attain or formulate your own answer and attain. The attainment is the product of your enlightenment. Enlightenment will bring you to the attainment of the meaning of life.

In conclusion, the meaning of life is only going to be your projection. However, the harsh reality is that even though you will find the meaning of life, it will mean nothing. It has to mean nothing because you are part of this universe. You were always full of meaning and it is you that has always felt that there is a void within you. You have felt that maybe some great ritual, mantra, worship, pilgrimage, prayer, charity would help you achieve the meaning of life. However, I tell you to empty yourself off such things because you have been full of unnecessary trash. You have to empty your heart and mind to accept the beauty of life. When you know the beauty and can see it in its complete radiance, in all its colours and sounds then you will be fragranced with the meaning of life.

Rahul N Singh

‘Thoughts’ is to be part of a new e-book compilation).



6 thoughts on “Post 71 – Thoughts (Part 4)

  1. Dear Rahul, an interesting question you attempt here. A question as you will know that has been the central theme of Humanity’s journey all along. Who are we? What am I? What is the meaning of life? And other questions you pose above.
    For me the question is emmence. Namely, “what is the meaning of life?”. So immence it is like trying to embrace the sky with open arms. You touched upon silence, as you know I have reflected on that also, and I think that holds a clue.
    Moving to the question: What is the meaning of life? I think we need to make a distinction. Not force a distinction but rather I feel the distinction is already inherent in the question and overlooked at times. So let us notice the question again, so I ask myself let’s say, “What is the meaning of Life?” now with the immeritive on a captial “L”. Life! And just reflect on the word “Life!”. Life as a totality, all thinking conscious living Life in the Universe. So the first distinction is Life as a totality, a greater global life, from natural world to human beings. As in nautre from in man – diversity staring back at us. And I am aweastruck. Thus some meaning I offer now, Life is to be in awe perhaps also. The feeling of awe. Then the second distinction, which I suspect is what we mean mostly when we ask the question, “what is the meaning of life”, namely, the subtext as it were, “what is the meaning of my life?” This is what we perhaps end up asking when we ask the question. The meaning of our identity as a name, culture, creed, language, traditional, family, so on. It is a important question but one for me that needs elevating to the primary question, “Life!” itself. Unless that occurs we are at an dead end constantly facing contradiction and opposition, it is spirit sapping at times depending on the intensity of conflict, from family to society. The link between the two distinctions in my understanding is as follows: The life principle running through my life, my physical existence to start with, that principle is exactly the same as the greater Life question. We are one. We are connected and all the other adages people thrwo up in talk of spirituality. That principle is none other than Soul. A word you correctly made reference to above. Soul is the principle of Life. Yet how are we to reconcile Soul, as my life, and Soul as The Life of the Universe? Here Plotinus, father of Neoplatonism comes to our aid in his work The Enneads, Soul according to Plotinus is both One & Many at the same time. One-Many together. Universal Soul & Individual Soul. On Life one last comment, & my apologies for writing too much, but what am I to do, the question is inspiring and I quote Professor Hasan Askari from his speech on Spiritual Humanism,

    “The first definition of life according to Aristotle is that all life somehow involves voluntary movement however undeveloped or developed. As soon as you raise your hand, such an ordinary taken for granted image, you have given testimony to voluntary Life. This voluntary life is not the characteristic of any material principle.

    It should come from a non material source. In other words it should have a meta-physical origin. That is the first proof that all of us have a soul which is both one and many at the same time. Look at your body, you have a vegetative level your nails grow without your personal will, you have an organic level your food is digested without your knowledge, your metabolism is controlled by your brain without anything you knowing about it. Then your rational level then you are conscious, depending on your knowledge, upon your discipline upon your concentration. All three levels belong to the soul. You meet someone on the pavement passing by you, you meet someone in the corridor you look at him he looks at you; both are soul-beings.”

    Thank you,
    Musa Askari

    • Musa,
      What a lovely comment you have given and something that is very insightful and interesting to read. Personally, I have enjoyed every word. A nice way to actually add to what I said in my honest opinion. We always be trying to extract different meanings to life because the fact is that it is truly meaningless. our soul does not need a meaning although it constantly is in a state of doing (thinking thoughts, being creative, visualising a vision, emoting an emotion). Therefore, the meaning will eventually be useless as we are all in a state of doing. Whether it is in this body form or in the form of the universe. Ultimately, we are all adding something to it. It is important to say that the state of doing may bring a conscious meaning. This will always be in conflict and contradiction unfortunately unless we eradicate meaning. Meaning is just an empty word that we, ourselves, as individuals provide a definition to. The question that is beautiful for all of us, for those who have realised know that the beauty of the question lies in the absurdity of it.
      However saying that, you greatly emphasised on ‘Life’ and as we know that even though this human body form will disintegrate (not die) we know life is constant and we have always existed and will never cease due to this marvelous Universe(s).
      I enjoy Hasan Ji’s words with great smile, as we are all soul-beings eventually and he is very right. Our human form is not going to last forever and the beauty is that we are smiling or interacting with each other as travelers or tenants in this beautiful home called the Universe. I am mentioning the Universe deliberately because that is the larger spectrum of life that we and all are connected to.
      However, as much as I do agree with Plotinus, I do like to add that my image for what he has said is like drawing particles in something that is a solid form. Say you draw a square and you draw circles next to each other constantly so that there is no space for the circles to move. This leads on to that although the Universe may look empty, it is in fact filled with souls. That is one way of looking at it. However, I like to say as a personal finding that we are all One soul and that the awareness is the missing piece in the puzzle.
      Many thanks Musa for your comments. I really appreciate them. Keep them coming.

  2. Dear Rahul & Musa

    I have read & re-read your stunning creative & ever true written & expressive explanation – I am in total agreement & alignment with that and something which I would like to share here which came to me about two years ago now – (i have always just known things – not sure how but I just know things…) looking into the eyes of particular person I saw everything come together & I can only describe it as such – “The Knowing is far greater than the understanding” for in that instance of seeing “life through another eyes went deep Into another dimension, and I will always maintain we know already we just fail to remember as society/formed religion Etc conform us to think differently than we already know. Life is simply – life we are all connected – we breath we think we know, and as u so rightly say be still and there you will find what you are looking for. Thank you for sharing such poetic & inspiring words.

    I will always maintain “The Knowing is far greater than the understanding – JHW”

    With love

    Janet x

    • Janet,
      Thank you for your kind words. I am in complete agreement that you can look into someone’s else’s truth and know it. It is the same for most as our Gurus all define this Existence in their being. I will like to add that the experience you felt is the birth of awareness of your consciousness. This is what the Gurus do and the rest is your journey.
      Knowing that we are all interconnected is the only way forward for peace and unity. When we agree that One is all and nothing is more than this One and everything is contained in this One. It is a beautiful phenomenon. All answers eventually lead to this despite attempts to leave everything at the periphery but I have left religion to do that. I want the core and until you find the core, then you or you may already see that this Existence is alive within us and our conscious thoughts must have a purpose. I guess part 5 would be about the need of thought! 😉
      Infinite Love,

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