Post 72 – Thoughts (Part 5)

‘Thoughts are the first step to Self-Inquiry.’

This was the first thing that I thought about when I had to think about what the need for thoughts could be. Why do we have certain thoughts and why does our brain think of them. This ultimate fascinating question can be dwelled into by the scientists to give you a scientific explanation. I am not interested in that. I want to know what my inner being says. The fact is the thought knows its a thought and then the mind seems to make it into a fact. However, if we find something for ourselves then eventually we will find enlightenment upon the horizon.

When I had to come up with a topic, I thought to myself that really everything I think, do or know is because of thought. If I didn’t have a thought then I wouldn’t know how to express emotion, be creative, to engage in the act of love, to inspire visions and this all stems from the one act of thought.

Thought is the beginning and the end. It can be made into something conscious and that leads to awareness. Witnessing your own thoughts, observing your own thoughts, watching your own thoughts and even absorbing your own thoughts. The mind/soul creates thoughts.

Although is the thought that creates the thought? For you to think that the mind/soul creates it then it must be the thought that came up with this phenomenon. Or is the thought humble enough to give credit to the soul? What needs to be understood that perception does help formulate a thought and what the thought does is it goes deep into that perception. Hence, there are a few deep thinkers out there. They truly dive into this self-inquiry and they know that if they consist of all that is in the universe then it is also true that they will find the answers. So the need of thought is necessary.

Thoughts can become noise and it is easy for that to occur as we have been forced into learning how to believe religion and its promises, society and its ideals and our own relationships can limit us. Instead of self-inquiring, we keep thinking of memories and then this leads to the thought of the past. The past may be a burden for some and an inspiration for some. The past has been lived, it is changeless but the present is changing. Hence, it is said that this Formless Consciousness is changeless but is the change. It has to do both to sustain and it is this effortless type of life (the Universe) that has flourished for many years. Who are we in the size of this Infinite Space? Tiny entities on tiny planets and we give ourselves too much unnecessary importance. This is aided by the fascination of a God. Why would God even care about us? Why do you need God to care for you? Leave the fictional character in the back of your mind. In fact, throw it out. I don’t need God to make me feel comfortable or to make my thoughts noble and wise. I am able to do that through myself. I have the capacity to drive my thoughts in any direction. When I have this confidence then surely where did that thought come from? It comes from this One Universe that is connected to all. I respect the Universe for giving me the opportunity to think so that I can emote, react, create, inquire, realise and most of all conceptualise but to live. The thoughts are needed for life to develop to the highest peak of the mountain.

Self-inquiry will lead to self-realisation and that is when thoughts can become absent. Through self-realisation (enlightenment) one can become truly silent and allow the inquiry to come to an end, allow the thoughts to absorb all the powers of the Universe. The connection is vital. Otherwise, life is nothing but a bunch of thoughts. You may see it as divine and it is divine, however until you know the Source, and that is what you are now, then everything is a great act.

I conclude that thoughts are the base, the foundation for self-inquiry. Self-inquiry is needed for self-realisation. Without the realisation of the Self then we will continue to search for a meaning and thoughts will overload. Think of good thoughts to embrace the positivity that surrounds it. You are what you think, what you think is what you do and what you do leads to what you become and what you become is who you truly are!

Rahul N Singh

‘Thoughts’ is to be part of a new e-book compilation)


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