Post 73 – Thoughts (Part 6)

‘Religion has, is and always will be a material comfort.’

This is a true fact to me and how can I suggest such a horrible thing. Religion has always been material and it’s promises have always been material and nobody can deny that. I have felt that religion always makes me feel limited to an identity and if I look from the outside, I have joined a group of people, taken on an identity, dressed the way they want me to dress and really whatever I do to the body is going to be material. Therefore, if you truly do want to be religious then surely I can say that you need to drop this identity. Eventually this identity will kill you because it is someone else’s thought and not yours. You may embrace it but you do it out of fear or comfort. You fear that your life will come to an end and then you have achieved nothing spiritually and really you have achieved nothing spiritually. If you want to achieve something spiritually it has to be an individual and inner journey. It is full of inquisition and terror. I am not going to say it is full of grace and peace because frankly, I have been fed with so much of religious, social and material (wealth, possessions) crap that the only emotion that express them is through anger. You have gathered so much fear due to religion giving you false promises but you have to follow their conditions. I feel like an idiot if I’m bounded by conditions. I was born without all this garbage and really and truly all I have accumulated is garbage! I have to throw it out. I am only angry with myself.

I have nothing to do with Christ, Mohammed, Krishna etc. They have known and they have attained. But the fact is they completed their own inner journey. I haven’t and all the followers of whatever religion or spiritual institution that you or others follow have not made the inner journey. Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Nanak, Kabir, Lao Tzu, who were they? What did they do? They all made their inner journeys and they also wanted others to do the same. They didn’t make any doctrines, rites and rituals, asceticism or pilgrimages. We did! And we did it because we couldn’t understand the inner journey! These Gurus of the past should be like our history books, they are our reference points and should only be maintained as reference points. Doing useless acts in their names is a useless journey. Frankly, they do not give a damn about what you do. And this is where comfort comes in. You think they do care about you and they do but they didn’t ask you to not go and dive into your own inner journey. This is your life. You have to do something about it.

When we look at the way that followers have behaved then really nobody follows their Gurus. It is all an act. They bow to their Gurus but really their ego is still standing with all it’s glory and is laughing at the Guru. The Enlightened Ones can see it but they maintain to inspire you to make the inner journey. They know the value of religion. You can claim to follow, respect, adore or even love you Guru but I am not stupid, your Guru is not stupid and they can see that you follow them but don’t understand them. Why would you understand them? You came to them for not help in the spiritual (inner) journey. You wanted comfort in your relationships, family life, love life, money, possessions, social class and look at what you are asking for. Is this why you have a Guru? Is this why you went to your Guru? The fact is those things that you ask for will not be with you when you die. All these achievements will be of no use. But this inner journey expands who you are. I emphasise on this inner journey. The universe is yours and you are worried about some dollars, euros, yens, rupees, pounds etc. If you are not laughing at your stupidity right now then you haven’t taken in what I said. You haven’t reflected on it. You haven’t become aware of it. I laugh at my stupidity all the time. I think what a fool I am. All I need is to survive. Be happy in survival! It is the basis of human life. Have enough to survive. You need to. We all need material comfort but go and get a job for that. Religion is not part of your CV and has NOTHING to do with your material comfort.

Religion also promises you heaven, paradise and you tell me when you look into the night sky, with the stars gracefully shining, the moon elegantly shining, don’t you feel you are in paradise? When you see the blazing sun in a clear blue sky, don’t you feel you are in paradise. Religions and cults have grabbed these fears you have and have manipulated them. They promise you freedom. If you cannot get freedom in this life, you will not get freedom in the next. I can guarantee that now. You need to be liberated. The only way for this to occur is through awareness of your own mind, thoughts, actions. Enjoy your life, and if you smile and laugh and joke, will it not be heaven or paradise for you? Of course it will. If you are depressed now and you die depressed then you will always be depressed even after death. Misery will follow you because if you are miserable that means you always followed misery. You are what you follow. Don’t listen to religion’s and cult’s and their idiotic reward schemes because they are just as bad as nectar points (loyalty cards). In fact, nectar points give much more to you than religion.

That is why I am telling you that religion is to be used as a reference to your inner journey. I know and I have attained. You need to know and you will attain. You will achieve it. The thing is you have to make the inner journey for you to have the spiritual comfort of bliss, love, tolerance, peace, joy, happiness and complete ecstasy. You will be drunk, intoxicated due to this inner journey. Look within you and you will find eternity at your feet. Forget the churches, temples or other places of worship. Only go there for your inner journey and then religion will do something good for you. Otherwise, you have made religion a material comfort!

I go and I listen to many spiritual and religious people and I enjoy learning the similarities as the similarities can bring unity. I learn nothing new but the expression is different. I enjoy the different way that my truth has found and I enjoy listening to their inner journeys too. It is not necessary that you will follow them, but I certainly will say that you will respect them and give them full gratitude for having those thoughts and for making the inner journey. Love everyone.

I conclude that your priests and preachers have only ensured that you remain attached to material comforts because they fear losing their business and their jobs. Even they have not made the inner journey. Only those who tell you to make the inner journey are the true preachers, priests and gurus. You can be Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Nanak, Lao Tzu etc. The fact is you have made the wall not them!

Rahul N Singh
(Thoughts is to be part of a new e-book collection)

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