Post 74 – Thoughts (Part 7)

‘Idol worship (murti puja) is for the people at the lowest spiritual dimension.’

This is a statement that I do find very true to my self and although I am not condemning it, I understand the need for idol worship. Now idol worship can be in the form of a murti (dominant in hinduism), book or anything that people may worship. Now, I am not going to be against living gurus and although people do say it is easy to be a guru, I don’t think it is. To get to where they are takes a bit of work. However, it is not impossible. The work of a master is to make more master. A master is simply someone who is a master of their own life and whoever is a master of their own life is a master of the world. It is an automatic understand. Everything is yours. If becoming a Christ, Buddha or a Kabir was easy then the world would be full of Gurus. Although, there are a lot of false/fake ones out there for your dollars and pounds, there are some who are genuine and full of love. They don’t demand much and have a very peaceful energy about them. The false ones are easy to find because they charge absurd amounts of money for something that will never transform you or change your material status. Their promises are idiotic. They will tell you to pray to some idol, say a few words and remember they are only passing on the blame. They would say the gods didn’t want you to have it. They have their back-up!

Now, idol worshipping is something that I am referring to as only something that isn’t breathing in front of you. Something that can’t communicate with you in any expression. A true master will even communicate with his actions, he will move or signal something, in fact he will talk to you directly. So whatever isn’t living or breathing, that cannot communicate with you and you worship it then that is idol worship.

Why is it the lowest form of spiritual dimension? It is the lowest form because you are expecting something from something that isn’t. You have become attached to the form and the basis of most of the eastern religions is that God is in the cosmos and is part of us all. He has no form but is complete. This is the thing we need to understand. However, does idol worship have a function? Of course it does. It is for your concentration, which is not a bad thing. It helps you concentrate on a point but it is meant for meditation. It is not meant to be for continuous chanting, it doesn’t require any sort of ritual attached to it, no form of special care is needed, no need for you to bow down because truly it doesn’t even know you are there. It just is. And it is more than you. That is the joke of it. It is not living like a human, you treat it like a superhuman and despite it not being a conscious being, it still is more than you. You are conscious but still abiding to what some idiotic guru or priest said. They themselves never understood the scriptures and they are only going to lead you to a vicious misunderstanding.

Now, you can see this in any form you want but really you are not praying to the idol but you are praying to your self. It is all your ideas and thoughts that you are giving to the murti/idol. The idol is nothing, you create the image, you create the rituals, you create the pompous ceremonies, you create the initiation process, you create the superstitions and you create the mantras. You are praying to the idol but really you are praying to your self! Not a bad thing but is it your ego you are praying to? You are acting humble and low but really you know it is an act. In front of a beggar, you feel like a god, like a mighty person and in front of this clay material, marble or paper, you become less than vermin. You see what you have put your self into? I am not saying it is wrong but it is wrong if you don’t understand or know what you are doing.

My thoughts are my god. They exist because I exist. I make someone a guru otherwise the guru does not give any self-importance. He knows you can realise everything by your self and that you do not need a master. However, the master is a great tool to have if you do not want to have an ego. If you put something on a higher level than your self and truly accept that he or she is the greatest then you have dropped all ego. Everything is their doing. If you worship your idol or book on that level then fair enough. You are to it’s will and you have no self-will. You have to accept everything that is good and bad. And the bad has to be given equal respect. You cannot run away from the bad. Remember, the bad is your conception and not anybody elses.

However, there does come a time when you will move from this and just have gratitude in your Master and that is it. Then you have to find your own truth. The master is there to empty your ego and fill you with love. That is the function. Then they say go and find your truth. There is no attachment towards the master. The Master shows you the way through living and you cannot know or learn unless you realise you are nothing. Then when you have found your truth then you remain nothing but now you are everything. Nothing but everything.

Idol worship will always be the first step but remember that you have many steps to take. There is a massive stairway to bliss/enlightenment so move up. Otherwise, you remain unconscious, you keep your ego and can never see the Truth.

I conclude that worship someone who is in the state of enlightenment only and the one who only leads you to there. Don’t worship anyone that is full of false promises you material comforts. They are liars and cheats. They have their material comforts because of you and your gullible mind. It is no divine grace. The master is the next step after idol worship then after that is your journey and you can go up as much as you like. Lead your own enlightenment because nobody can give you what is yours.

Rahul N Singh
(Thoughts is series for a new e-book).

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