Post 76 – A short story about Love.

The growth of human life only exists when one truly wants to grow. Can we spread our wings and feel the freedom kiss us as we fly with our inner glory shining in the sky.

The original sin was that man had lost to the will of women and nothing else can come close to that. God had shown his true colours as an intolerant freak of nature.

The time I had set my eyes upon the woman that I love, I knew why I felt so proud. I felt that this cause of sin in front of me had the eyes of an angel, the hair gently flowing to the breeze and her eye lids slowly blinking and time had stopped to acknowledge her presence. This pride that was within me began to burst in every cell as I slowly became enlightened with her serene beauty. I saw her take gentle steps towards me and I could see the fireflies surround us to illuminate this love story. The moon shining in an orange colour and it seemed to be another part of the Universe but I knew this was the Earth. The moon had decided to grow to the glory of the sound of my heartbeat.

As she approached me, I could hear the sound of her shoes touching the ground and it felt like soft and gentle music to my ears.

Her fingers touch mine and I can feel that life is not the same anymore. This feeling of love cannot be expressed in any way or form. I felt her soft fingers brush against mine and her fingers slowly gripped into a clench. The tight clench drove an energy through my senses as I couldn’t embrace whatever this feeling was. It was some sort of incomprehensible worship for her and that my sinful body did not deserve her. An overriding fashion of guilt had started to snowball into a mighty pain in the heart. I was near to her but the distance seemed infinite.

She brought her face closer to me and her lips gently caressed my cheek and a faint distant whisper that echoed perpetually in my ears.

“I could never say it before. I love you.”

Her voice trembled yet was stable enough to comprehend her feelings. I saw her eyes slowly look up at my blank face. I could not show an emotion but I felt warmth in this bitter cold.  The fireflies had transformed into snow and I could see each snowflake touching and melting in her hair. Her rosy cheeks were redder than the first Valentine’s Day rose that I gave her.

The snowflakes transformed into the petals of roses and I saw the red petals reflect in her eyes. Her smile is gentle enough to make a dead man feel alive again. Her beauty that had always shown its complete beauty physically but her spirit was more beautiful that her physical body. I longed to touch her hair with my hands but they chose to stay where they are in connection with her hand.

She brushed her lips towards mine and she moved it away in snail-like pace. The distance was only a few millimeters but why did everything that is so close to me feel like a distance away. Her eyes pierced through mine but her eyes were full of emotion. Her eyes were red and swollen has if she had been crying for days. Her wounds were starting to show and I didn’t know if I could blame fate or myself? Her lips touched mine but softly locked into each other. I felt a sort of storm arising and it was coming towards me. I could feel it but it was in the distance. This kiss was not to be forgotten but it felt liberating. I felt that I did not have to worry. Her lips moved away and she rested her right cheek on my right cheek and I could hear breaths. I could feel that she was alive. Her heart was beating louder than ever, the sun was setting in the far distance and the sky had illuminated into a pink cover. My cheek began to feel the moisture of her tears and this stung like anti-septic on an open and fresh wound.

In moments like this we appreciate the fact that we can love, that we can express our love and show the other the meaning they have in our lives. Sometimes the words cannot express what is beyond any language in the world.

I could feel the rain drop on the floor and splash to spread its power on the ground. I watched her look at the rain with a frightened expression and I knew this was about to be our last moments. Her fingers brushed away from mine and her eyes closed as she spread her arms. She began to take a few steps back and she was being lifted by some invisible energy. The rain had refused to touch her but it had started to get heavier and I could feel the water touching my knees. I couldn’t bear to look down but I could sense the whole place was getting flooded and I didn’t feel like panicking but I knew some turmoil had started as I saw the angel of my life be lifted into the heavens, while the rain still poured and entered this flood that seem to be ready to drown me. I closed my eyes and held my arms wide open. However, nothing was lifting me up. I opened my eyes and I could see the clouds taking the woman I loved away from me. I could only see her feet now and I longed to see the face that used to wake me up in the morning.

As the rain began to get heavier, I could feel the energy of all my emotions build up inside. My eyes were burning to be expressed and within moments tears had burst through this dam that had tried to control the levels of my inner emotions. The fluidity of these emotions showed me how my life was in this constant flow. I had to lose all to remember that I had all at one time.

My emotions had drowned me along with this never-ending rain. I accepted what had to be accepted. I had lost. I had lost.

I opened my eyes and looked around. I was in my own house. People were standing in a circle. Something was in the centre of the room. I looked at others who were dressed in white. I pushed past through the sea of people who were staring at the centre of the room.

I saw the woman I loved peering over a coffin. Inside the coffin, it was covered with rose petals. I walked around to the top of the coffin where the head would be resting. She gently lifted herself up and looked ahead at me. This time I could feel nothing. I didn’t know what to feel. I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know what to say or to judge. I looked down at the coffin and saw myself. I could see her tears on my cheek. She was still staring at me. I looked back down at the coffin and I could see myself. I knew this was me. The woman that I love endlessly, turned around and her best friend gave her hug as the coffin-lid closed. I did not know how to comprehend my own death and others had to live through it. I had always questioned what would happen but I could not tell them that I was alive. I am still alive. But the body showed something else. It told a different truth. This was the end of the physical journey. They were crying over something that had been dead for days. The body that I was is no longer of any use. If something has no use then it can never be emoted for. This was the journey of every body and mine was no different. Death was not the end but these people were treating it like an end. The woman I love was probably missing the fact that before I was able to show her the emotions, show her the expressions of romance and show her my everlasting passion for her. As long, as I take no other form, this love will continue to grow in this infinite universe.

To the woman I love, my love will always surround you.


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