Post 77 – I am infatuated by love.

What is going on right now?

Right now, I am sitting here thinking of what to aim for. Aiming is beautiful but I feel it only delays the present from being present.

What are literary plans for now?

I currently have a few things. Basically, my mind is like the big bang, it is trying to formulate things into a nice and calming order. I love chaos so I have a few things going on for now. I want to write a novel about a man’s journey of love. I have a story in mind and I know that it is probably done to death but I think my creative writing style has changed. I try to describe the surroundings. I try to think of the sounds and  I appreciate nature alot more now so nature will always have a strong impact in my writing.

Any more poems?

I am writing something now that is more on a spiritual prose. I am not sure what to do with it. I have written 31 stanzas. I may write another 5 more and keep it as that and get it self-published.

Any plans for a short story or a collection?

I am not sure if I could write short stories now but they do save a lot of time. I enjoy writing short stories but I do prefer to write novels that are short and able to be comprehended within a few days. I don’t see why someone should spend more than 5 days on your book.

Novels are the next thing?

Possibly. I am currently thinking about it. I am infatuated by love. The whole mystery of its beauty is always going to be a continuous exploration with mankind. Love has been such a phenomenon that to capture it, you must know how to love your self. I want to write in the first person all the time. I think it is important to see the world the way your protagonist sees it. It may be slightly twisted and I feel that is the beauty of love. You do get twisted. Anyone who has loved can tell you that they have never remained the same person. The way you look at life is more romantic. The way you look at life is more philosophical.

Any books on spirituality?

There is an e-book on the thoughts that I have posted on this blog. I will be adding a few more in depth discussions on each chapter. I want around 15 chapters before I release it as an e-book. I may make it free because it will help others and that is the main thing. I like looking into more spiritual depth. I think there is no end to the subject of spirituality.

Life has many meanings but what is the main meaning to life?

There is no main meaning to life. Life has and will always have a meaning. I think every meaning you put to life eventually dies with death. So therefore, I don’t like the fact that we try to explain life in a few words. However, I think life is either a silent experience or you speak a lot about it. There is no in between. The life that we want has so many moments, so many experiences and that will lead to many more meanings. With the many meanings, you will have to word them because others need to know your truth and if anything, at least you should do it for yourself. There is nothing wrong with self-documentation.

Do I feel that spirituality can be sold?

Everyone needs to make a living. I think books can be sold. There is a fine line. You have many people offering courses and they set a fee. I don’t agree with that. Books are good for the price you pay and now books can be cheaper due to the growth of e-books. I have this thing where I will offer some things for free. I think what I give in a blog every other day is just as valuable and that is free. So I do give a lot for free and I think it would be nice to get a few pounds from writing. I would be lying saying that I am not expecting money but I have to prove my value first. So I will tend to give a lot of things for free first.

What do I listen to when I am writing?

Anything with a bit of soul in it. I love listening to film soundtracks, they always set the right mood. The mood you are in has to be reflected in the music and then that affects what you write. Sometimes I like sitting in silence but living with your family can really limit that. Especially, when everyone has a tendency to rely on you. I like Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers and you have to hear some of Clint Mansell’s stuff.

Explain in a few words the way we can connect to our soul?

By being aware that you are already connected.

Is love something that can last?

It will last for you, self-love will always last. Love with another is something that time itself doesn’t give a bother.

How can you deal with heart break?

By knowing that your heart can never break. It is all in the mind. It is our ego. I used to feel really damn angry about all of my exes but bless them because they made me available for more women. So the best way to deal with a heart break is to find another woman or man, whichever is preferred.

Isn’t that a bit sleazy?

Your perception not mine. If it is sleazy then there is no need to follow my advise. Go and sit in a chair or lie in your bed or stare in the mirror and cry.

Can people who cause heart breaks ever find love?

Not until they mend the very heart they had broken. You can’t let go of someone’s love without understanding them. Understand them and explain to them sweetly. Words need to be sweet and not bitter or wooden. They need to have emotion. You can’t be in a relationship and be detached from emotion unless there is a strong bond of trust.

When will I be joining formspring?

Soon?! I am not sure but it is on the agenda. I think people are scared to ask questions.


I am too honest and I like making others feel uncomfortable. The more uncomfortable I make someone feel, the more of their belief and moral systems I am breaking apart. We are all like a block of marble. We are also the sculptors. It is up to our inner beauty to create a meaningful and honest picture of our selves. We can only do this if we break away from what is making us ‘me’ but it should be what makes you make you. You are the beginning, the middle and the end. I think I will be on too much form to be on formspring.

Sounds egoistic?

I love myself more than ego loves me.

What is the aim for the end of the year?

I should have at least three books self-published. One of them will be a novel.

Rahul N Singh

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  1. Wow, very interesting indeed – i will try & comment tomorrow evening – if not Wednesday – take care
    With love & light

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