Post 79 – Thoughts (Part 10)

‘Smile – life is more colourful and beautiful with it.’

The truth that everyone can smile and make the surrounding atmosphere a happy place. Why do we feel sad or down at times? Is there a need? Sometimes, things happen against our will and we feel that it is injustice to ourselves. Mainly good people feel depressed because they feel it is never appreciated. But are you good for appreciation off others or are you good because it makes you feel good? Then if you feel down by making others feel good then their ‘good’ will not last either. Your intentions are fine but what you give is only what is within you. I have found from experience if you make others feel good, then you will feel even better. The fact is you are changing the course of sadness.

The problem is that we all have responsibilities. We have a responsibility with one person or a number of people but are we placed under those responsibility as our own will? Only you can answer that. Are you with your family because you want to? Are you helping your friends because you want to? Are you following your religion because you want to? Or are you doing everything you do so you stay out of trouble? Are you doing it so you can feel comfortable? Indirectly, you are doing things against your will and whatever you do that is against your heart will have its effects. The effects is depression. As much as it sounds bad saying this but society, everything about it is making you depressed. It is not you and you are living a compromise. Whoever is doing things as a compromise then their individuality is facing its demise. It is a truth.

Sometimes we even find that others have an obligation towards us. Our lover must love us. She or he can’t fall out of love for us. If they do then how dare they? What idiots they are? But if they are idiots and you are getting worked up about it, you are getting upset about it, you are getting angry about it then who is the real idiot? Who is the idiot of idiots? The fact is that we cannot control what other people do. It is better to accept it. Listen to them. Say what you want. Enjoy your moments with them. I used to feel the same with my ex-girlfriends. How can they be so rude to say they don’t love me anymore. But when did love ever say ‘I am for this person ONLY’? Never! It has never said it. Religion and society have forced this concept of one true love unto us and we are going crazy. Love has no control and you can never control love. I always say that you must love your self first. Forget other people for a moment, love your self and then you will find it easier to love another. Loving another is fake if you cannot love your self. That love is false. Everyone emphasises to love others but forget to love themselves. Be a little selfish, be a little wise and love your self. You are important, nobody else.

Love is a vast ocean and we are just a drop. I look at this world and realise I am just one of the 6 billion. I don’t even want to comprehend what I am in front of the Universe. Now a negative person will find themselves useless in this whole structure because it will make them feel tiny. But the fact is, the other entities could be feeling the  same thing. However, when I think about this, I feel great. I feel blessed to be able to comprehend. I am blessed for intuition and the ability to appreciate. I am grateful that I am part of something more extraordinary that already makes me extraordinary.

Enjoy your life and have a little smile. Make your life more colourful. Let others be coloured with the grace you show others. Appreciate what people do for you because they took out their time to do it. Appreciate the small acts. Even if you are lazy and can’t be bothered to do anything, atleast find a little energy to offer your gratitude.

I thank the Universe for allowing me to be a part of it. I thank the Universe for giving me the strength to feel eternal. I thank the Universe for making me the God of my own life. What is life is the question? Life is a continuum journey. I am the body but not of the body. I am the energy that is around us and within us all. Not just on this Earth but the whole of the Universe. I am expanding in new directions. Let us be positive and make others smile with our smile.

Rahul N Singh

2 thoughts on “Post 79 – Thoughts (Part 10)

  1. just thought i’d drop in with my appreciation for your blog. you have the right mixture of will and stamina, and i hope you keep both up. your blog is a pleasure to read, and i especially liked this post.

    • Hey Dominic,
      Many thanks for your appreciation and I really appreciate it. I hope I can continue the will and stamina and may you also give me your good wishes that you can continue to visit and like what you read. 😀


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