Post 83 – Thoughts (Part 13)

Whatever we do has a consequence. I guess I know that there is an effect for every cause and a cause for every effect. In fact, I think that is the best way to explain karma. Karma has nothing to do with your past and your future. However, people can turn around and say then how come it takes karma ages to catch up? Well, the answer is simple that the effect has to happen at the right time. That is something we cannot guess.

However, the question always remains about why do bad people get the good things and why do good things get bad. I always say that good and bad is a concept of the mind because wealth is a concept of man. It has nothing to do with God and never will. Anyone associating money with God then they are only proving to you that God is also man made. The way wealth is worshipped today, it is on the same status of God.

Now, karma is such a complicated topic hence I tend to tell people that it is all garbage. The reason is because then people use it for exploitation and I am against any type of exploitation that creates harm or suffering to someone’s life. Now, how can we get deeper into understanding this cause and effect. It is all about how badly you were affected, how much negativity it has created and I seem to notice that people with an overwhelming sense of positivity tend to be free from the curse of karma. Karma is nothing but a curse to make sure people do good. I say have trust in people and they will do good. We always think of the worst of people. Don’t say you don’t. You see a guy or girl at work – you think that he must be a dickhead or she must be a right bitch. We all do. We have this mindset. The reason is because we are taught from a young age that we are not to be friendly with strangers. The problem is that nobody has told you how to grow or evolve from that view. When you are 18 or even 16 years old then you are able to have a sound view of the world and its people. But this view of ‘strangers’ which was right and correct for us at a young age seems to be subconsciously set in us.

The only time that a stranger is strangely accepted is when you fall in love with that person. When you feel attracted to that person then it creates an urge to know the person. However, only a few of us will actually talk to that person. I know that I don’t talk but I do smile. Some people say that is creepy but I judge someone by their reaction to a smile. I know it is bad of me to judge but I rather be aware of it than deny that I don’t. I am not judging that person for the whole life. I just say ‘Okay, that person doesn’t seem to want to smile TODAY.’ Tomorrow could be a different thing. If you have a sense of humour, which I thank the Universe for everyday because I possess it then your life is easier. You can make other people laugh. Once you have that gift then you are sorted. You will find friends easily because you can make someone laugh. That is the most attractive thing I find in a girl. Two things actually. One is her intellect. That is a major pleaser for me. Second is her sense of humour. If she has both then she is lucky or unlucky because subconsciously I will start falling for her. I hardly ever have met a girl with intellect and a sense of humour. Well, with a sense of humour that I can understand. I do understand a wide spectrum of humour. Believe it or not, I hated Ricky Gervais at one time and now I can’t have enough of him. He is not someone I will turn gay for obviously but he is both intellectual and funny. His girlfriend Jane is a very lucky woman.

I always say that one must be positive, be spontaneous because that will mean people will warm up to you and even your bad jokes will be laughed at. You have to have a sense of confidence but never over do it. Just remember of the surrounding area. Like joking about someone being buried alive on a stag night isn’t going to fare very well at a funeral.

Be aware and the world will be the biggest intellectual joke known to you and mankind.

Now listen to this song and say with them that KARMA IS A BITCH!

Rahul N Singh

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