Post 85 – Thoughts (Part 14)

The Guru only serves a purpose and then you should let go.

Not many will agree with this. Especially the ones that have Gurus and Masters who they follow. Whether the Master is 2000 years old or is present in the moment right now. The fact is that I got thinking about the concept of a Guru and what is special about it. What makes a Guru different compared to us? What does a Guru do that we do not do? Why is the Guru the only enlightened one? What can we achieve from the Guru’s enlightenment?

I think today much importance is given to a Guru and to an extent rightfully so. However, it must end somewhere. A guru can only do so much for you but the fact is the Guru cannot add a meaning to your life. A Guru cannot give you enlightenment. A Guru cannot give you your truth. You can’t agree with the Guru unless you have found your truth. Most disciples of Guru’s never bother to find the Truth. They blindly accept what the Guru says as correct as if God had bestowed the Truth in front of their eyes. I am not against a Guru’s work. But it has its’ limitations. Nobody can deny that. If it never had any limitations then those that claim to believe in the True Guru should all be enlightened beings.

I know that most Gurus today accept their disciples to window shop for the right beliefs. But beliefs are beliefs. They are borrowed. It also shows how low your confidence is. I have seen the most confident people fall out of grace as they seek blessings of the Gurus. The problem is that it is not gratitude for the Guru for breaking every belief system and getting them on the path of their own truth. It is far from that. They believe their Guru to be the one and only savior. They believe he is the only messiah. He is the only true one. Why can’t there be more than one true Guru?  This is the problem with the disciples. They feel there is a competition between the Gurus and naturally, their so-called compassion becomes a silly infatuation. They can’t stand another Guru. They will not accept a disciple who has found his own truth. Why? The fact is that there is an inner jealousy. Why can he achieve it and not me? We go to the same place, believe in the same Guru, believe in the same book, believe in the same God but I didn’t achieve. The problem is that you believe. You never question. Only someone that inquires everything will find everything. Yes, if you continue to use intellect there is a limit but intuition can bring you your own enlightenment.

So what is the need of the Guru? The Guru is there to show you that you can achieve enlightenment. You need to follow and see his way and see what you could agree with. There is no way everyone agrees with their Gurus. Their Guru may talk about love and acceptance and the first thing that the disciple does is gossip and bitch about those that are individuals. You praise your Guru for being an individual and then when a disciple is an individual, if a disciple even speaks ‘against’ the Guru then you condemn that individuality. You only praise your Guru because he is leading his own life. Especially from the distance that is what it looks like. But unfortunately, every Guru because of their acceptance and their non-interference  – their committees, their Trust members, even their friends and family will put a negative light on the Guru. To your eyes, that Guru no longer is independent, he is no longer a rebel but that is your interpretation. What can the Guru do but accept. He truly doesn’t give a shit. You want him to give a shit. But he has no attachment. The fact is only the ones who are a little smart see the reality of it. The rest tend to sugar coat it with ignorance. The Guru can only lead you for a while. But the Guru will let you go. He knows your attachment will let you down. He wants you to rise. Most people tend to stick with following. They are comfortable with it. There is nothing wrong with this but personally, I feel that you are selling your enlightenment but finding no buyers. No one can buy enlightenment. It has to be earned and only you know how to pay the complete value.

The fact is that you have to find your own truth. You can’t run away from this unless you want to remain a beggar in front of your Guru. Not only are you letting your self down but even your Guru. He wants you to be rich not a beggar. Yes, the Guru’s job is to get rid of the ego so that the divine can start filling you with enlightenment. However, that is it. When the ego ends then Guru’s job is finished. Now, he knows that although there is a possibility of a relapse, there is more likely that you will find your individuality and therefore attain self-realisation. The Guru does not want you to believe. He wants you to question every idea that he gives you. Only then you will understand your Guru. It is a very ‘scientific’ approach but your individuality is an evolution of your self. It is a transformation. It is a finding. A conclusion.

Once you have found what you have been seeking for then the end result is to spread what you have found. Yes, accidently you will attain followers. You will become a leader. You will be doing the true justice to your Guru. That is the true gratitude. That is the true bliss you have attained from your Guru. You are forever happy with your Guru because if it were not for him, you will not have become an individual. He gave you the wings. While others never learned to fly, you dared to fly. While you flapped away, the others flopped. The fact is it will be an accident that you have become a Guru. Naturally, everyone will become a Guru. Especially those who have had self-realisation. Every awakened one has to become a Guru. Every enlightened being has to become a Guru. The reason is simple that you will always have one person that trusts you. That is your own self.

Yes, there is the myth that a student can never become a teacher. But a student can gain the qualifications to become a teacher. Similarly, a devotee can walk the right path to become a Guru.

My final message is a simple one. Find your self, be your own Guru. If others follow you then accept it. They need to learn from you like you had to learn at one time. Self-realisation is the only right path. Yes, the meaning is utter nothingness and emptiness but that is the complete factor. It completes you. To the mind it looks pathetic. You are still calculating a value. Emptiness and nothingness has to be filled with your value. If you see absolutely no value in emptiness and nothingness then that reflects what your value is.

A confession is this that I am nothing but I am everything. You are also nothing but you are everything too. I salute you.

Rahul N Singh


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