Post 86 – Thoughts (Part 15)

Any awakened human being cannot be limited. 

There are many views that we have of enlightened people. The fact is we tend to have a picture or a mental image of someone who is holy, gracious, kind-hearted and humble. Then you have another side of enlightened people who hit their devotees, who put their devotees through rigorous techniques, who use expletives and do not care if they are judged as arrogant and egoistic. Then there are some that are in between. Who will use expletives, remain humble but allow a little bit of ego to be established, be confident and still remain spiritual. Now, the ego never really disappears. It cannot disappear but it can be silenced. That is the only way to defeat ego in any sense. However, an ego can serve a purpose because a little dose of ego can make sure that you are not limited by anything that would snatch away your individuality. Your individuality is your pride and honour.

What has happened for the right or wrong reasons, pride has been seen as a sin. I am still unable to comprehend why pride should ever be a sin or a vice. Pride is nothing but something you are proud of. Why should you not be a proud person? If a murderer, a thief or any criminal can be proud of his or her crime then why can’t a good person who is humble and tolerant, loving and creative be proud? Why does a good person have to shed pride. Surely, having pride in what you are doing or have done is only going to inspire you to do more similar actions.

I read an email yesterday that spoke about how spiritual people should not be limited and that language should only be used as a tool. Say if I use an expletive because I am angry then I agree that is wrong. When I use an expletive as a joke then it should be treated as a joke. Again, it is all about perception. Our perception defines us. However, being a spiritual being I don’t want to be limited by even the way I speak or how I speak. I speak whatever the truth is and if an expletive is used then it used.

I have found also that the majority of spiritual teachers are now trying to sound all scientific when it comes to explaining things. Or they will complicate language to a new level when really anything that is discussed can be said in the most simple terms of language. Religion is facing criticism because of its ability to believe rather than use intellect. Hence, there is this surge of being intellectual about beliefs. No matter how you may intellectualise beliefs they are still utter bullshit. Beliefs are not worth a moment of an awakened person’s time. Beliefs is something that you have gained from someone else but you have not experienced it yourself. It is not your truth.

Everyone needs to be themselves. I have realised that this is the only spiritual way to live. Accept who you are and then it will be easier to change. Denying that you are a thief but you carry on stealing then who is in denial? If you are a thief then accept it. Be open. Admit it. Then if you feel it is wrong then change. Ultimately, everyone is stealing from one or another. Stealing is a very man-made thing. It is a very possessive thing. It is funny that if you steal from a spiritual person they would kick up a fuss. They would say you are a corrupt person. However, who is the biggest corrupt person? The spiritual person or the thief. It is the spiritual person because he or she has said that it is detached from materialism. Then why call someone corrupt who is misusing your funds. You are not selfless. You never hear the sun say you are stealing my heat, my energy. You do not hear the air say you are stealing my elements. The earth itself does not say that you are on its property. Yet, we try to put a possession on anything. The fact is a spiritual person, more so more than anybody else should be more selfless and should be non-judgmental.

I am not someone that judges another person but I would look at what someone has done and condemn that but I do not shy away from mentioning someone’s name. I have  nothing against anybody to talk behind their backs. I am a straight forward person. Everyone has the potential to do that. Hence, I can never say I am a master of anything. I am not a master but a fellow traveller, who is enjoying the ride of my life. I cannot ask anyone to follow me in what I say but I can only say if you are going to follow me and what I teach or say then do this one thing only. Find your own truth. Drop everything that is proving to limit your growth or that limits your mind from going deeper into issues by internal questioning.

An awakened or spiritual person is only interested in being themselves. Who cares what other people think. That is their perception. You be who you are. No one can condemn you. If they condemn you then smile and leave their company with respect. Never forget who you are and never forget that others will not understand you sometimes. I am not against most spiritual people but I am against the beliefs or ideals that spiritual people feel they are subjected to. Eat meat, drink alcohol, go to clubs but don’t shy away from it. Enjoying your life is the only spiritual way to live. Only you know what gives you enjoyment. You know what is good or bad for you. Live to limitless ways.

Rahul N Singh


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