Post 88 – Thoughts (Part 17)

I was asked on Twitter ‘how one must “find God”‘!

Now, a lot of times I have repeated that there is no God and that any God that is deemed as External is nothing but an image of your imagination. No matter what people talk and claim that God is formless, people still end up trying to make God something more of a human.

Now, if that is the way things go and that God is becoming more human then surely that means God is within the reach of our expectations. Or is God nothing but some kind of partner that we expect. Sexually, God must be very dominant as he is the seed of all creation. Physically, he is manifest in Existence. Mentally, he is an idea that some man thought of and then exploited.

You cannot find God and that is because you have an idea, an expectation of this one God. Whatever idea you have in your head about God is nothing but your imagination. God cannot be more than that. Even if you found God, you would be the first person to disprove it. If God does not judge then you will be shocked. Everything that was good and bad that you practised and believed is now nothing as God doesn’t give a fuck about what you do. The fact is human beings have given themselves too much importance because of the intelligent mind that we all possess. This idea of God existing is only something to give us some sort of comfort. Like a drug. The fact is that God is a certain drug that has a long effect for some. However, the effects will wear out one day and then you will find that you believed in nothing but a hocus pocus idea. God is definitely the best free drug, I say free but let us be aware of the scamming Swamis and Gurus.

Many people charge you ‘x’ amount of money to find God. They set up meditation camps or sessions, they sell books and CDs, they write articles for newspapers. To be honest, I have come a across a wide variety of material and only a few have stuck with me. If you think my blog should be mainstream and shocked that it is not. Do not be. The mainstream will never like me because I am against the comfort of their little drug called God. And like all massive organisations; religious and spiritual institutions will hardly welcome me because I am telling them that their drug called God is nothing but a fad, a fake, a placebo and the one  drug that has the effects to bring disasters.

To find God is a good question though. Many just believe in God and you question them and their pathetic reply is ‘It is just my beliefs’ and they cannot hide away from the fact that they have not found God. I have even had one religious nut tell me that science is not as factual as religion. Now, I am not going to go deep into this (I hope) but certainly there is nothing greater than the theory of God and unfortunately, God has not been found and can never be found unless you are ready to admit you have found God and that he has a particular code of conduct and that he is of a certain personality. Otherwise, God is just another old theory.

Now how can we transform God from a theory into a fact is something of a journey. First of all, you cannot unravel the mystery unless you let go of all the morality issues in your mind, all the judgements of people, all the expectations and only emptiness must remain. You must be free, liberated from all the things that limit your mind. Now, God is an energy, it is not a person. God is a formless energy that gives life to everything. You are no different to the animals but all you have is intelligence. Intelligence can either be for the betterment of mankind or for the destruction of mankind. Using God for your intelligence will never better mankind but it will destroy mankind. God is not intelligent and yet, it is the reason why you are intelligent. If God doesn’t evolve then life cannot evolve. Evolution cannot take place unless religion allow God to accept it. Evolution must be accepted. Evolution is nothing but a progression, an expansion. God is the same. God is just an energy. You are God. I am God. Everyone and everything you see is God.

For example, you are walking in your living room and you accidently hit the table. Your first reaction is ‘For Fuck’s Sake, what is the table doing there?’ The table has always been in the same position, the table is doing its duty and the table is placed where you placed it. The table has not moved an inch. Yet, you curse the table. However, the table selflessly gives you comfort. It lets you lay your food, place your glass, your remote controls, your idols and yet, it is cursed when it is in your way. The problem is that you do not see God in a simple table but yet claim to believe in some external source that you have neither experienced knowing or seeing. Everyone in this world that believes in a religion has not taken a step forward unlike their founders. Most of the founders of the religions have gained their experience, they know their truth and it was in their best interests to see you grow too. Not to follow them. But now, most of the founders have gone. Now, you have the middle men. The priests, popes, imams, rabbis, monks, swamis who are all the middle men. They are all blind and you are following them which is in result making you blind. This has a great statement ‘the blind leading the blind’. That is religion in a nutshell.

My god is the universe and beyond. If science can prove one thing then that is the expansion of the universe. It can also prove that Existence is creative and also a destructive force. It is not attached to anything. It simply removes something out of the equation if it interferes with the tranquility of its growth. Therefore, God can only be found if you truly respect everyone and everything. I know it sounds silly to thank a table or a chair. But think of the discomfort if you didn’t have those things. Imagine, the scenario above and that you had to say ‘sorry’ to the table. Apologising to something that has no feeling can seem absurd but it must feel something to give you so much tranquility. God is not a separate entity. This needs to be understood. Consciousness is not different to creation. It is creation itself. You are the drop as well as the ocean. If you cannot see God in the creation then you will never see God in anything. Even if you believe in God, it is you yourself that has created the creation of God.

I don’t think people would like my God. My God simply does not care what you do and how you do it. All it knows is how to create a balance, how to keep things in order and to make sure tranquility and peace remains. If human beings continue to have hatred, continue to have wars then naturally the Universe will eliminate us. There will be no judgement. Only the strongest shall survive.

Getting back to the question of finding God then I am afraid I cannot give you an external experience. God is within you and within all. God is pure. Unfortunately, man’s intelligence has poisoned God and in all fairness, it is every religion who has contributed to slowly poisoning God. If you want a process to find God then think of everything as your own. Just set your  mind at ease and concentrate near your third eye. Use the energy from your sex centre to rise to your third eye. The sex centre is the closest you will get to finding God physically because that is where creation takes place in some form or another. To find God with your mind then you must learn to inquire on your doubts and find the answers within. To find God spiritually then you must remove God from the equation. Your idea of how God should be will have to be destroyed. Spiritually, let your soul have no limitations. Let it strive with freedom. Resist any form of labels. You are nothing. Accept that you are nothing then you may find God!

Rahul N Singh

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