Post 89 – Zen

The moment we believe we are on the right path – it is likely that you are still on the wrong path.

This statement has a lot of truth in it. If you are on the right path, why would you believe it? Why would you even trust it? In fact, is there a path? If there is a right path then can that path transform into the wrong path? Can an enlightened being become unenlightened?

I am of the few that do know that it is likely that an enlightened being can become unenlightened again. The reason is because there is no real distinction between an enlightened being and an unenlightened being. However, I can say from experience that the former brings in a great amount of sensitivity to the body. It never is easy but it is hard to get out of it. In fact, it is both easy and hard to get out of the enlightened state. Once the mind begins its mind games then you have to be aware. I normally laugh it off and tell it to calm down and it calms down. The only difference between the two states is that the enlightened can control the mind.

If you can drown in meditation, if you can drown in emptiness then you can find your God, you can find your Origin, you can find your beginning and that is all we want. Emptiness is all you need to seek. Is there anything that can fill this emptiness without being a product of it? Emptiness or nothingness or formlessness is what you have to find within your self. In fact, not find it nor discover it. You must become it.

Spiritual practice or the spiritual path is never a single path. Learn from all and you will have found that you have learned from one. Everyone has their own beautiful expression of the truth. Why, wouldn’t the Truth be boring if it were just discovered with one way? The Truth would lose its flow. The Truth needs to flow. If it does not flow, if the truth within you cannot flow then it is not the truth. The truth is never rigid.

The path is normally easily paved by a Master. I do feel that having a Master helps you. I have never had just one master. I know I have had two. Osho was one of them. If Osho taught me one thing then that was to be a listener, be receptive, be loving to all, be open to all paths and never feel that something is more powerful than you because remember you are giving it power. If you want to find God then you must find what is searching for God within you. When you find out that you are searching for God – when you find out the Truth you will laugh at the whole cosmic joke. The God you were searching for was always with you – here and now. It was never separate but it was you. You will later on find how absurd it is that how can God be trying to find God. God is nothing but the highest state of consciousness. It is not higher. Higher is the expression. It is not higher. How can it be higher? It is simply the realisation. However, the journey will be tiresome and when you realise you didn’t have to put in so much effort then you automatically see it as the highest state of consciousness. We all have consciousness and although consciousness can never change but our ego hides it. Hence, the more we discover our true self, our true identity, our emptiness then ego disappears slowly. Then with the grace of this emptiness, with the love of this emptiness, with the realisation of this emptiness we see that we have reached the highest state. In fact, you just realise your potential as a human being.

My whole message is that never restrict your self to one path. Like we all try different cuisines, try out different practices. Not every practice will work for you. Your parents path may be different to yours. There is nothing wrong or harmful with that. Try something new and when you have found it and you know when you have found it, it will prove wonders for you.

One day you will realise you needed no one but your self. This is my message.

Love and blessings,


P.S. Take a close look at the Zen Art on the top of the page. Look at how small we are compared to everything. Trust me, if you think about it then you will realise why our worries are so silly. When you realise that most things will last but your body will not…you will feel a huge weight lift itself off your shoulders.


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