My moment of realization.

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My moment of realization- the moment I was eagerly craving to experience as a little girl, after I watched my grandfather and all the amazing souls in sangat talk about Nirankar with that sparkle in their eye, staring into nothingness. I always used to meet their gaze and wonder what they were looking at; I wanted that sparkle too. I remember I was 10 when I asked My grandfather to show me how to see Nirankar and how to see what He saw.

“With time, you’ll see. Just pray and ask and He will reveal Himself to you when you are ready.”

So I waited. I waited several years. I constantly took the God Realization every moment and opportunity that came my way, hoping that it would just click, that I would receive and experience my moment of realization. But I failed to understand; Every single time. Such a simple…

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From the depths of a soul, creativity is born and is able to blossom into a tree scattered with sweet fruit. Creativity creates change.

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