Radical Change through Compassion


We need radical change and it is needed NOW.

I have spoken to many people, introspected and dived deep into my own thoughts and the processes behind it and the whole machinery outright rejects the verdict that the nation has given in giving the Conservatives an overall majority vote.

Every morning, I wake up with a sense of deep sadness that millions are in or about to face suffering. I feel as if I am young Siddharta, who later became the Buddha, in the sense of feeling the deepest core of your being watching the suffering, feeling that suffering and then taken to plight to discover compassion.

I have some very close friends and we were discussing the difference between empathy and compassion. In a very quick analysis, one would assume they are about the same, however the deeper you enter compassion, the bigger the difference is, even if it is a subtle one. Empathy is when you can understand the pain the other person feels. You do not experience it but you have the intention to help. The main aspects of empathy are understanding and intention. Compassion is when you feel the pain the other person feels. You experience it deeply and your intention turns into action to find the remedy. The main aspects of compassion are deep feeling and action. Now, I may never understand what it is like to go to a food bank, however I feel the pain if someone had to go. To look at themselves in the mirror or at their loved ones without any sense of hope but a deep acceptance to carry on, I understand the pain, I feel the pain, I can actually experience the pain and damn, I need to do something about this.

When I say doing something about it, it isn’t in the pseudo sense of ‘I am going to achieve success, get a job, get a wife, buy a house, have kids’ type of delusional fantasy. I will be protesting against the system that has created these walls, these parameters that mean success. Why should success be individual? Why does it have to always depend on me or the idea of ‘me’? What about working as a collective, so the collective aspire together and achieve success they can share.

It is hilarious when I think of the cycle of life and I wonder if I will be the same. When we are given values from our parents, we are told to share and do things together because together we are happy as our own happiness radiates to everyone. Later on, as we get older, the story changes and it is all about my grades, my university has to be better than my siblings and competition breeds the individual and sharing becomes a distant dream. Being in the community will be a waste of time. Even concentrating on the true sense of the individual like meditation will be seen as time that could be used for studying or profit-making. Then we have kids and we instil the same values as our parents did to us. Finally, we come face to face with the hypocrisy.

Damn, the flashbacks begin. What happened to us? When did we become so distant from others and our own values? When do we turn back on the idealistic world we have created around wealth and come back to a reality of sharing with others, having that sense of community and living moment to moment? When do we transform into that child again? People tell me that if we all became children again there would be chaos. My reply is looking at the poverty in the world, the all-encompassing suffering, the attack on the vulnerable and those who need our love the most, can you tell me this isn’t chaos? The only reason it exists is because we think we are ‘mature adults’. The fact is we remained adolescents, growing with the enticing nature of competition and individuality, only that when we grow older, we have a few lines and wrinkles to state we are adults.

Today, the politics that I believe we should aim for is a holistic one. Not one just based on economics but one based on happiness. Without happiness, even wealth becomes a poison. We have to understand that we have to close the gap between the rich and poor, we have to get rid of food banks and source our food locally, we have to stop the privatisation of our health service and make it accessible and free to all, we have to embrace the elements we have to create renewable energy. The time to make the change is now. Life will always be awesome, whatever the situation but that doesn’t mean we can’t evolve the awesomeness to new heights. We can do this, if we are all together.

Join me on the 20th June, outside the Bank of England and let’s begin the revolution of happiness!

His love and blessings,

Change – General Election UK 2015

This is all about radical change,
It is not about voting out Conservatives,
It’s not about keeping Labour out of parliament.
We are talking about radical change,
It isn’t about red and blue with a mix of yellow,
Now we have to acknowledge purple and green,
Even if the media fear the leftist Green.

It is all about manifestos,
It is all about pledges,
It is all about values.

If you care about equality,
Would you really feel austerity is righteous?
Is austerity the only possibility,
To create false hope of rags to riches?
If the rich get richer is that equality,
Especially if the poor are getting poorer?
Are companies still getting billions in profit?
I mean net profit not gross profit.

What happened to our collective communities?
Do we have to first build bridges with our neighbours?
With reducing local amenities,
Do you trust another public spending slashing?
We voted for no tuition fees,
Yet can we settle with just £6,000 from £9,000?

Can we settle with no real solution to housing?
Can we cope with forcing disabled people to work?
Or those with six months or less to live?
Can we even mean test those that cannot work?
Can we accept soul-sucking zero-hour contracts?

Are you ready to live 5 more years of low wages?
5 more years of the lowest living standards?
Blamed on immigrants who pay their fair share?

Can we expect our bonuses from the Banks we own?
Should the money really go to Cameron’s mateys?
The election is not just about the next 5 years,
This is about changing the course of history!

Do you want to be remembered for picking the same old two?
Or resisting to vote because they all sound the same?
I have read every manifesto from the 5 main parties,
I cannot match the Greens to any other party,
Or ‘socialist’ Labour with ‘nationalist’ UKIP.

It isn’t about tactical voting,
If your vote isn’t heard then make it heard,
Roar so the shackles break away,
Let the establishment begin to tremble,
By the vibration of true active democracy.
Let the Sun and the Mail tarnish your righteous image,
Trust me to them it doesn’t matter if you are Christ or the Buddha.

We can reform the electoral system,
Build more social housing,
Make the Bankers pay back,
Cap private renting,
Steer away the NHS from privatisation,
Reward doctors and nurses fairly,
Bring football down from a game to a sport,
Reform the welfare system for all,
By giving a universal basic income,
Care for the vulnerable,
Eradicate poverty,
Providing creative education,
Led by Sir Ken Robinson,
Reward our children,
And offer adults free uni education.
Co-operate with the world,
Start to remove the fear of nuclear war,
Create greener energy,
Save our planet from implosion to explosion,
Nationalise public transport,
Localise our farming,
Make businesses pay their taxes,
Close up all the damaging loopholes,

This can all happen if we sit and think,
If we move away from propaganda,
If we read the manifestos,
With our own heart and mind,
Whether you are left or right wing,
For a bird to fly needs both wings.

We can vote tomorrow,
But democracy doesn’t stop there,
From the 8th May 2015,
Let’s bring change that nobody has ever seen.