Guru Appears

The moment the Guru appears – you have a choice! Does He become Formless or does He remain in form – as an idol, as a form of concentration or admiration.

The Guru is transformative and is beyond the concept of what we define a human being to be. The issue with being with a Guru is that we always like to put people or things into boxes of definition, of labels and therefore confine things that refuse to be confined. Is it easy to describe a Guru – the one that takes you to the Truth? Is living in a world today full of conditions, full of contradictions, full of manipulation made it difficult to understand the way of the Guru? A Guru is not about making your life easy or to make it pleasant for a few moments. A Guru has to shake you up, completely destroy anything that stops you from being you and at times, the methods can seem long and arduous. However, the realisation can be done instantaneously as long as one is ready to let go of everything that has been learned and have a mind like a sponge that can absorb and absorb.

The Truth, which is Formless can be realised without any condition. People are scared about this! ‘Do I need to change my diet? Do I need to change the clothes I wear? Do I need to wear ‘spiritual garments’? Do I need to change my name?’ These are the common questions but a True Guru does not waste time in giving you the Truth. It is all about now and will reveal it if you have an honest heart.

I used to have a physical Guru and yes, I still do but now my Guru is Formless. I cannot define him, label him, confine Him, contain Him or anything the mind may find it easy to do. This is what happens at the natural (mystical) state. You have to allow the Guru to let go of His form, in order to work on the mind. The only thing for me to do is to dive into the Wisdom that He has given, the Wisdom that reveals the Truth in all its glory. The Truth that surgically removes all the vices because you start to absorb the qualities of the Formless – naturally you become loving, compassionate, honest, humble, tolerant, accepting, caring etc. All the positive qualities are placed in you, for some it is buried away like some treasure! If you keep this treasure buried away, it is of no use. A devotee’s only duty is to serve the Guru. Now the service doesn’t mean that you care for His physical being and needs. These are just by-products of devotion. Devotion itself to the Guru is when you are willing to use His wisdom as a method of transformation or a tool for transformation. This is your only responsibility and expectation.

The Guru disappears when the mind disappears and then the Formless appears. The Formless speaks when you are faced with the Beloved (Guru) and the Beloved sees you as One. You both become synchronised and the heart beats to the same rhythm because it is the same heart that is beating for the whole of Existence. This is what realisation brings. Then you serve the Guru because the Guru no longer is something separate to you. While the Satguru is separate then God cannot be met. When the Satguru can merge with you then He becomes the Bridge between you and God, the Formless One.

When the Guru is Formless then your awe, your wonder, your amazement, your devotion reaches heights that can never be comprehended by the mind. It is a beautiful journey that frankly, only a handful understands and a few live out.

Published by Rahul N. Singh

From the depths of a soul, creativity is born and is able to blossom into a tree scattered with sweet fruit. Creativity creates change.

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