Fear and the spiritual journey

This is a topic that has been regularly talked about recently in discussions that I have been a part of. Some have been for fear with some backing of scriptures and discourses from Masters and likewise for those that believe fear is not necessary for the spiritual journey.

Some say you need to fear God, fear your spiritual Master, fear hell or fear karma. To be fair, I have never really understood fear and how it can increase devotion. It seems to be more based in ego than a mindset based for liberation.

I have a deep reverence for God, for Existence and towards my Spiritual Master. I do not want to make them upset, I do not want to get them angry but these are my projections towards them. I respect them because they are who I am in reality but it is my ego, my fear that stops me from becoming the one that I seek.

Why do we have fear in the spiritual journey? The thing is if we have been living from our ego for so long and that has guided our life. It has tried to protect us from life getting worse but the more we focus on the ego or let the ego run riot – well that is what it causes. A riot of thoughts and repression or disruption. It causes suffering. It takes us away from love, it takes us away from devotion, it takes us away from liberation.

We have been told by Sages that ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, which means ‘I am Brahman’. Brahman is reality and the one supreme Truth. And this is who we truly are. We have come from this One Living Source of all Beings. We are this Being itself. Therefore, if we live in this state, which is God itself then we cannot have fear because we have no ego. God does not have an ego therefore God cannot fear. The whole point of the spiritual process is for your mind and soul to be illuminated in this One Light of Truth. Once the mind and soul know its source then it is liberated and no longer is going to go through the cycle of death and rebirth. It has gone beyond all illusions of itself.
So is fear rational on the spiritual journey? Not really. Does it make sense? Maybe but it depends on where you want to go with this journey.

Fear may cause you to stop and be aware of who you are. To be aware of the presence of this Truth, which is always around you, that surrounds you and that cannot leave you. It may help to an extent but if you are aware and you cultivate the awareness, you become more of the observer and then develop your spirituality with love and kindness then you will automatically be aware and no mistakes or wrongdoings in thought or action will be made. We hear that God is love and love is God so if that is the case, if we approach spirituality, our relationship to our Spiritual Master and God through love then that awareness will automatically lead us to being observers and witnesses at a quicker pace. And once we are aware that we are the witness then all you have to remember is that you are the Presence of God itself. You can swap the word God for nature too. The main point is liberation makes you a human being with human qualities. Otherwise we are just have human bodies.

When love remembers love then can fear have any space? Fear is negative and will only cause downfall. With fear you will eventually detest and despise what you worship. Who befriends something they are threatened by? You can make friends with fear but fear will never be your friend. Therefore, this spiritual journey is for lovers.

Fear cripples growth because it feels there is an unknown. How can a realised being have fear? Does Buddha have fear? Did Kabir have fear? Does your spiritual Master have fear? Did the Sages have any fear? No. Fear belongs to the body and the mind. Fear will only increase the mind’s hold on you. Those that we worship have shown us one thing and that is fear itself has to be abandoned.

The Isha Upanishad states ‘Those who see all creatures in themselves and themselves in all creatures know no fear.’ It is clear. It does not say that they have some fear. It says no fear and that is what happens when you respect and love everything as a manifestation of the Formless Truth and you see the Formless Truth in everything. It is when you are unaware of this that the issue occurs.
If your Spiritual Master says to fear then it isn’t a good sign. The Spiritual Master isn’t wrong but it shows you where you are on the journey. If it is still said to you then it is best to understand that you have not even gone far in the spiritual journey. You have not even established a little bit of awareness in your life.

Cultivate awareness with love and reverence and this journey to spiritual liberation will be full of clarity, wisdom and devotion. Remember everything is a mirror of awareness. What you see is what you are.

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Love and blessings

Published by Rahul N. Singh

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