Post 80 – Life-Force (Poem)

Every night that rains, Is the heaven crying. The stars behind the clouds, Are lost in our past. The centre of life, Is the present. What ever has squandered, Finds its place in the heart. The heart is my metaphor, For the God that lives in you. For my Beloved, You will be my thoughtsContinue reading “Post 80 – Life-Force (Poem)”

Post 50 – Indescribable (Spiritual/Love Poem)

Spread those wings and stare into the horizon, looking as deep as you can. Start wondering the mystery behind each beauty that is not blessed with a definition. Why can’t we look at ourselves and see the same beauty that contains hidden depths? What happened to the spirit that carries our intuition created by ourContinue reading “Post 50 – Indescribable (Spiritual/Love Poem)”

Post 48 – Divine Light (Spiritual Poem)

The Divine Light is shining around me. Where is its source? From all four corners, how can I praise this fulfillment?   This Light of Divinity is the reason for the darkness. Darkness is the Light. Only the blind see it as empty but it’s treasures need the eyes of the Soul.     IContinue reading “Post 48 – Divine Light (Spiritual Poem)”

Post 46 – Not many…(spiritual poem)

Your silence is never understood, Your emptiness not comprehended, Your beauty not appreciated, Let all be completely  destroyed.   You created such beautiful sounds, Like the breeze carrying leaves, The waves crashing onto the shore, And the sweet song of that woman.   In your complete awareness, I am flowing to your ways. Love isContinue reading “Post 46 – Not many…(spiritual poem)”

Post 45 – Kiss (love poem)

A poem for the romantics. The freeze has took my heart, The warmth that you gave, Has been stolen by my emotions.   Can you forget those moments? Can you stay away from the past? Your future is at the door fast.   My heart will remain forever, Cremation not strong enough, This frozen heartContinue reading “Post 45 – Kiss (love poem)”

Turn Back Time

I wish I could turn back the time, These moments without you are killing me. I miss that silent smile you would give with those gentle eyes watching me twinkling.   Your sweet and soft voice comforting me In the times when I had lost my way in life. I know I destroyed everything weContinue reading “Turn Back Time”

The best that I could be

Our moments that we spent together, I loved each one of them. Yeah, I admit that I wasn’t the best, But I’m the best that I could be.   I knew that one day you’ll hate me, Losing you my best friend is killing me. I want you to know that I care, I’m freezingContinue reading “The best that I could be”

They are all down on me

Tell me what’s your advise, Come on Miss. I am so wise. Choose your friends carefully, Cos’ they are all down on me.   I’m saving your heart from break, Let’s give this ego a little shake. They are after your mind and body, Pretending to be a special somebody.   When this becomes anContinue reading “They are all down on me”

Quest of life

The quest of life remains open to question, Why is it asking a question creates hesitations? Life is a quest for simple answers A true genius remains a freelancer. The soul of Yours and mine has to roam, The quest goes from my home to Your Home. My people do you feel down and outContinue reading “Quest of life”


Stand up and fight the system, Corruption is causing mayhem. Rising taxes and transport fares, The poor are suffering and that’s not fair.   Raise your thoughts into voices, You have the freedom to change your choices. Don’t stop the battle mid-way, Stop only until you got your own way.   Forget about the pollutedContinue reading “Revolution!”